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Malifaux Mini Tournament @ The Foundry


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What: Malifaux Mini Tournament The Foundry

Who: All Malifaux Players!!

Why: In support of the World Wide Dead Heat Campaign

When: 18 August 2012 @ 1300-2000 (central time)

(any time changes will be posted on the Foundry's Facebook page and Tourney Thread)

Where: The Foundry

Huntsville, Alabama

Sign up closes 17 August 2012 @ 2200

Please be advised that photographs will be taken throughout the event.

15% off All Malifaux Merchandise for Tournament Participants the day of the tournament during the tournament.

Tourney Breakdown:

The pairs will be put together at Random for the first round and then paired based on scores.

The tournament will be set up in accordance for the Malifaux Dead Heat campaign.


  • NO proxy-ing of models. Puppet Versions are usable if they are on the correct size base and have the correct Stat Card.
  • 25 Soul Stone (SS) games- No use of Avatars UNLESS both players own them and agree to use them.

  • ~2min per SS played. Game Length will be strictly enforced so that we can stay on schedule. Therefore each person gets 30 min to play. Deployment is included in this time.
  • 15 Minute Break between rounds.

Final Round:

The two players who make it to the final round will be graced with the honor of being the first to play on the Foundry’s new Malifaux Sewer Table. Depending on the crews chosen for the final showdown it may not work out for Dead Heat credit. (Depending on who has control of the Sewers that week due to Dead Heat)

The final round can go up to 30-35 SS if the players both agree to the point increase. Game Length will be pushed up to (35 to 40) minutes for each player if the SS count goes up.

There will be Three Categories for Prizes:

Best Overall Theme: paint scheme, dress etc.

Best Player: this is Sportsmanship based

Champions: Top three place winners of the tourney

Prizes TBA, just to keep you on your toes…



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post-10558-13911924537129_thumb.jpg I got second place for the Guild and 1st place was Guild also . What can i say they just are the best faction honestly :). Thanks to Tera for doing a fine job running the event the prizes were amazing. Also big thanks to the Foundry for hosting and helping to run the event this is by far the best store in the South East. I challenge any other store to a duel if you think your up to it.
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We had a couple people not able to make it to the tournament but hey 10 people was a great turn out!!

The final Tally for VP was:

First: Adrien B. 32 VP (Sonia)

Second: Mike T. 20 VP (Perdita)

Third: Will T. 17 VP (Victorias)

Sportsmanship/Favorite Player: Jeff F. (Perdita)

Best Theme (painted models/dressed like a Mercenary for her Viki Set): Angel M. (Victorias and Lilith)

Jeff F. 17 VP (Perdita)

Alex B. 13 VP (Kirai)

John B. 12 VP (Dreamer)

Clay W. 10 VP (Von Schill)

Angel M. 7 VP (Victorias and Lilith)

Alex A. 7 VP (Seamus)

More pictures below. Please bear in mind... they are Jumbled out of order!!

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Man that Stalker is so awesome lol

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PRIZES!! Woot!





Wow look at all those O Faces :P

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That sewer table is awesome. Would love to play on that. Love the way they did it - gonna have to try that myself some time. Looks awesome and should be easy (somewhat) to do.

It's for sale we knocked it out in a week. The Foundry will do custom tables per your spec and it can be made modular check them out on Facebook or shoot me a email mhtibbits@gmail.com

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