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  1. They never did come out with a separate box of illuminated, did they? I really just need 2 more. I don't really want to buy another box for those 2.
  2. Luckily the left one is the exact same sculpt as one of the metal ones (that does fit on a 30mm). If you are lucky enough to have, or find it I guess.
  3. NoooOOOOoOoOooo. I will give ya $100 for one of a larger scale, Wyrd! /Cry. Ah well. I still love Wyrd.
  4. Well, I was hoping it was a scale issue, boo. As usual you guys step up to the plate and make things right, but I was thinking either way it was an honest mistake. Things happen (bad! hah!). I don't know about others, but I appreciate this company, and am happy to be a customer. Even if Nekima is the size of a nasty human
  5. I still suspect that this is a scale issue, similar to the Vik problem. If so, I pray that Wyrd gets it fixed, and offers replacements for those of us who bought her, if not...I guess I stay disappointed. I can't even bring myself to assemble it. The actual parts are smaller than Barbaros, FFS (face, legs, arms, etc). Maybe I will use the wings for a Lilith conversion (On Black Wings).
  6. It is that small, there is no camera angle/space to distort it. I must admit, I am pretty disappointed in the model size (but not the sculpt itself, its amazing). The model is not Ht3, not in the least.
  7. BM does have obey, but he is using a SS or getting lucky with the cards. It's not like how Z always gets the Obeys off =)
  8. Crooked Men: Like them much more than the last ones. Verdict: :+fate Rogue Necromancy: Agreed. One of the best models in the Malifaux line, imo. Verdict: The Carver: Not interested. Verdict: Nekima: Love it. Verdict: :+fate Desolation Engine: Once again, much better than the original sculpt. Verdict: :+fate Hog Whisperer: Awesome Verdict: Piglets: not bad, not great. Verdict: Pigapult: Good. Verdict: Merris: Exactly as the artwork. Expected. Not bad. Verdict: Katanaka Snipers: Wyrd's kneeling models are always out of scale. Monstrous. Glad I made >$150 order so I could get the alt sniper, just in case. Either than that, I really love like them (despite the "silencer") Verdict: :+fate Hoffman box: Agreed on the Mechanical Attendant , but the rest look awesome. The old guardian was such a pita, and so delicate, this one looks much more solid. Could say the same about the other models as well. Verdict: :+fate Leveticus box: All amazing, cept the spider head abom. Not a fan of that guy. The hollow waifs are especially unbelievably amazing. Verdict: :+fate Over all grade: I copied and pasted your format to make it consistent to your own.
  9. Try to give a 10T master On Wings of Wind.
  10. Yeah, this is how we've played it since closed beta.
  11. Does anyone know of any Auras or Pulses that block LoS, offhand? I didn't realize there were some that did. And thanks for the ruling Justin, I will adjust.
  12. Thats how I look at it. But if the earlier example of dreamer behind a ht1 wall effects a ht 2 model on the other side, that throws all that out the window. If the aura is Ht 1, then it shouldnt go over a ht 1 wall. Which is the same thing in my original post, just backwards. If that dreamer statement is true, then a Ht 2 model, behind a ht2 model (or wall in this case) should not be affected by a Ht 3 aura on the other side of the wall (or blocking model). To me, that is consistent.
  13. So, then, whats been said so far does indeed make this statement true. If measuring is done top down (it is), and the only requirement for aura's and pulses are 1. Is the model affected in LoS and 2. Is it within the measured aura/pulse area If these 2 statements are true, then Ht has nothing to do with auras. We might as well eliminate Ht from being mentioned in the aura/pulse rules
  14. Ok, I thought I had aura's and pulses down, now this thread has me completely confused on it. I am seeing multiple interpretations here.
  15. Forgive me if I misunderstood this, but isn't that what he is saying. You can measure from model to any other point, and check LoS (which is also a measurement) from where it (that point) is to any other point? Isn't that from point A, to point B in my earlier statement, or am I just not getting it?
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