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International Ordering and Customs Duty (UK)


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Basicaly what ive found from the site HMRC is that you should be taxed, at either 5 or 20% depending on what its declared at. This is based on item value + postage. There is an additional £8.00 handeling fee from Royal Mail. However from people ive spoken to its total random if your items get stopped and charged, which to me is the worse bit. If you knew what was going to happen you can plan it. I suppose you should assume that you will get stopped and charged.

But again it comes down to the customs officer and what he decides the description fits in.

This is why i was hoping someone who had done it from Wyrd before could advise us.

Thanks again


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For delivery times, your main delay will be waiting your turn as Wyrd get back to the warehouse from GenCon and start shipping stuff out. They do this in order of who placed their order first. If you were the first person to get your order through (and good luck with that because the webstore will be *incredibly* busy) they'll ship it the following day. If you order from the webstore late on the first day of GenCon, as I did, it will take a couple of weeks before Wyrd get through the backlog and your order gets processed.

Delivery times from that point: http://malifauxnoob.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/029-doh-gencon-delivery-missed.html

If you're lucky, you might be able to dodge customs and VAT. Put aside an extra 20% just in case, but its unlikely you'll need to spend it.


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Basically bank on being charged tax. Delay is just a few days - main pain (& delay) is having to go to the sorting office to collect & pay.

Will also depend upon how much is declared on the customs form (as well as the category) but we MUST NOT ask Wyrd to fiddle that amount, unless you want a visit from the nice HMRC man!

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I know quite a few folk in the UK who ordered from Wyrd during GenCon last year.

I didn't hear that anyone actually got stung for the tax...Wyrd were quite helpful in how they declared contents I think.

Delivery times varied, but that was largely down to dispatch time (Wyrds warehouse was somewhat overwhelmed) rather than actual delivery time.

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