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Shield this craft from one and all. Reflect, deflect, depose and fall! A Collodi Plog


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So next up on my list is the Puppetmaster himself, Collodi.

This particular crew i feel like doing some modifications to. I really want to capture that puppet feel so i'm experimenting with adding wires here and there to act as puppet strings.

The basing is going to be themed after some type of ancient temple or rune.

I'm using some puppet war stuff as stand ins for Wicked dolls, Brutal Effigy and Arcane Effigy.

Here's some WIP







(Credit out to the fellow who used flayed one hands on his COllodi. Can't remember his name but great idea that I've shamelessly yoinked.)

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Glad you like the strings. In my mind i just wanted to capture the idea of the strings being as animated as the dolls. So the strings slither and flicker around just like the dolls.

Steal away for those that like it. I'm by far not the best converter or modeler out there so I'm eager to see what others do with it.

And yes, there are home made peanut butter cookies on my desk.

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After considerable thought and searching for inspiration I've started painting. The King in Yellow is the motivation here. Decrepit, weathered, decay. That's what we're going for.




god damn do i hate painting yellow. It's been two years since i've done a yellow centric model. (That being a Bad Moon's Stompa) Its hard because of how many coats you have to do. But i'm doing it.

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So about three to three and and a half hours later here I am. I could work for ages trying to get the yellow right but you know... yellow is of the devil. I think i'll call it mostly done, not sure. Not sure at all.

I'll look with fresh eyes tomorrow




Yellow so far, was achieved with a base of orange, some bone white highlighting and then a coat of sunburst yellow and then a generous amount of Devlan Miracle

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Thanks Mister Shine. It's more than possible to use wire on that doll. I did some crazy wire tricks with a few of the others. The only reason I skipped wires on him and on the Brutal is because they're different from the other dolls and I wanted a way to convey that with modeling. I want them to seem a bit more independent.

And yeah, flying stands... they are what they are.

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Thanks dustcrusher. As far as the strings, at the moment I envision them as just left black unless you all have different ideas.

And yes, Visionary references do rock. Though sadly i'm running out of them considering every plog I start is titled with one.


Dreamer- http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?26232-Touch-all-before-me-with-frost-fingered-fear-A-Dreamer-Plog&highlight=

Hamelin- http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?24487-Let-all-that-grows-recede-and-rot-A-Hamelin-Plog&highlight=

And by the way, if anyone is interested in the narrative work I write for my crews please check it out. It's inspired by Wyrd but all completely different from the source material and rather dark too. I love my painting but I love my writing even more.

Here's the Collodi opening background piece for example.


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One of the most overlooked franchises ever, IMHO. The cartoon was actually well done, too- good animation and they worked around the educational programming requirement by working a life lesson into the plot instead of post-episode PSAs or quizzes. The pilot has one of my favorite quotes from any cartoon ever: "It's not a problem- it's a cleverly disguised opportunity!"

The toy line suffered from Crumbly Gold Plastic Syndrome on the Darkling Lords, unfortunately (as did most gold-colored plastics in those days), plus the holographic stickers were really expensive to make.

Wikipedia has all of the incantations in their Visionaries entry. Fun fact: Cindarr was voiced by Optimus Freakin' Prime himself, Peter Cullen.

</ex toy collector rambling>

As far as the strings go, maybe you could try tiny amounts of silver on the outsides of a few of the curves to make it look like strings glinting in the light.

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Well done really like the effect.

I completely understand the yellow frustration. Iyandin Sun (?) was a great boon from the Foundation colours Citadel produced. Painted a butt load of Imperial Fist (sad taxi cab army)... eventually dipped them cause of the yellow. But I'll subscribe to this, cant wait to see what's next.

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