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Step 1 Hire Kaeris Step 2 ??? Step 3 Profit


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So I brought the Kaeris set because she looks cool and so do the Gunslingers. Yet I am not sure if she is going to play well Colette, my only master. Not only is her hire pool quite limited but she is also constrained by her spells which require things to have burning tokens on them.

I get that the way to achieve this is to either have her shoot someone or run a Fire Gamen into combat with someone and dare them to hit it :blast. But other than seeing things on fire I am as yet unable to see where her strengths lie.

Is she just a one trick pony?

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I grabbed her and 2 large steampunk arachnids, and they are playable, but definitely not top tier. I find they are enjoyable. The biggest think you have to realize is that you want to charge your fire gamin into melee as fast as possible. That's why you have 8 inch charge. They wil die, but they are supposed to go down spreading as much fire tokens as possible.

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She is support and and a ss hog. She can lay a world of of hurt on your opponent. She dies easily. I tend to play her as my vanguard who hands out her own burning tokens. Fire gamins are too slow to keep up with her and to offer the kind of range she can provide. Give her student of conflict and she will be able to hand out two to 4 tokens and a pulse before she goes down.

She can be played as interference. Out her on flank and route enemies with flame wall. Wrangling the enemy into a bunch where she has a large pool to shoot.

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