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Why's the rum, euhrr Stock gone?


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It's a puppet's life for me =]

Anyway, they're in stock on Maelstorm Games, I'm sure they're at other stores too.

Ah cool! Just thought it might be kind of foreboding that the Wyrd store itself doesnt have any stock.

could be either "not great enough a hit for a reprint\restock" OR "we cant get enough stock it sells out before we can even stock it".

Merely wondering :)

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I have no idea about stocking/printing the product.

But the polls in this forum are evidence that wave 2 is being worked on. This game is most definitely not being dropped. :)

I definetly hope they are going for a second wave and the game is selling down to zero at brilliant rates, hope we can get official word on the future plans (even just telling when they re-stock or if its going to get a "second printing" including errata) if there are any concrete plans for wave 2 etc. Would be great to know certainly for player thinking of buying in to the game.

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