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  1. Hey dude, Could you add me? Brence (Bjorn) Heerlen Netherlands No store
  2. It might as well be Terraclips but like a livingroom set with a stove, table, bed etc. Terra Clips with more of a P-wars setting of weirdness.
  3. The event deck would be really cool if themed around someone. Like a Zoridia event deck. Cards would tell little stories like Zoridia looking for something around the house. Meaning puppets would need to keep clear of a few random spaces on the board not to be seen while she is searching for something. Or her cleaning house and sweeping the floor with the giant broom 'o death to cross the board for all puppets out in the open to get ripped from etc. really Those idea´s really caught my imagination ±D
  4. Well I got to admit most of the stuff I dreamt up is allready in there. I second the "3D Token set" for one, that would look great! More Puppets (offcourse!). Special Puppet-Wars puppets unseen in Malifaux (but based off still). And now for an idea I havent read about yet (could be me just skimming and not actually reading every post thoroughly). Anyway here is my idea: Modular terrain boards! I was looking at a "campaign toolset" from "The British Evil Games Marketing Empire that shall remain anounymous" and thought those would work for P-Wars also! Simple Hex Grids that can be "c
  5. I mean a box with actual physical new boards and stuff pattern book rocks still thou.
  6. Birdies, Weasels, Foxes oh my! Well to keep with the theme of "loved to see" I'd love having a set of game pieces for the tokens. Like little work benches and impassible terrain tokens. Combined with some variant boards and maybe some cool item rules and scenarios (we have the sticky fingers rule allready so) THAT would be great!
  7. I had my reservations before buying into P-Wars however being of a minis gaming and ccg background I "settled" playing boardgames with my girlfriend. PW however is that perfect blend to that, mini's, more in depth play and crew building (if desired) but still easy enough to just play with non-tabletop gamers. The fact that some puppets youd want to have multiple copies off come in different packs isnt bothering me nearly as much as randomized ccg concepts. I know how I can get to the things I want, as such its managable to an extend of choosing to buy that extra box for your dream crew or no
  8. Haha good to hear your Avian friend is might or might not be hinting at the possibility of more puppety stuff! Offcourse, if birdies tweet stuff not NDA'd then I say this would be a place to share. Its cool though to hear that Wyrd has commited to this and isnt going to drop it onto a "slow burner which never really comes to cooking" or shall I say stuff for "Specialist game(er)s" cuz that would just be so not doing this game justice! I have faith thou that they wont reading this all and seeing how Wyrd approaches its product so far.
  9. So we have seen the Poll's coming up on expansion masters and offcourse the fact that Vikky and Hoody are going to be released in "normal" editions. Though is there anything as far as an expansion sheduled? Any word on P-Wars future?
  10. Seconded! Just reading about it got me all psyched to play!
  11. I definetly hope they are going for a second wave and the game is selling down to zero at brilliant rates, hope we can get official word on the future plans (even just telling when they re-stock or if its going to get a "second printing" including errata) if there are any concrete plans for wave 2 etc. Would be great to know certainly for player thinking of buying in to the game.
  12. Ah cool! Just thought it might be kind of foreboding that the Wyrd store itself doesnt have any stock. could be either "not great enough a hit for a reprint\restock" OR "we cant get enough stock it sells out before we can even stock it". Merely wondering
  13. Visiting the Wyrd shop it seems the Pwars starter is out of stock is the game such a hit that stock went out like stitching on a punk zombie? Or is this something that happens every x weeks or so? Psyched to get into Pwars!
  14. Yeah, what Im most enthousiastic about is the fact you can do casual play aswell as some more in-depth games where you build your toybox around certain synergies etc. . Makes it appeal to both casual and hobby gamers.
  15. Yup it makes for alot of upgradable goodness, but having her lurch over the board seems to me like a really powerfull little trick to use. Another combination that might prove usefull: Having a Mature Nephalim fly up and wack stuff to move forward another square. Would your target still live the Austringer's Bird can still target it and take it out (especially when using Lady J. as a Master to add some Powerfull counters). Offcourse there are those build in Combi's like Gideon + Crime Fighters like the Guild Hounds and such but I wanted to look at combi's between different suits.
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