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what next for Sonia?


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So I have Sonia,Samael,4x witchlings,and kinda Nino ortega(actually,friend is gonna borrow me one of his figs to use as proxy,but good one). I still havent played a game,cuz I would like to finish painting and basing this first,and I am kinda low on time cuz of exam next few weeks.

So what would be best 2-3 figs that I should get next?

I guess austringer?

Dunno about that new witchling handler girl?

maybe desperate merc?

Something other? Exorcist looks good!

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Avatar Sonnia is a really great figure, both aesthetically and functionally. I swear by austringers against pretty much every faction except ressurs (hard to wound generally means hitting for 1 every attack). I also try to bring one desperate merc if I am running aSonnia. Hitting the merc with inferno brings it to one WD then you can pop For my family, blast a couple shots at the enemy and turn it into a witchling.

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I like the Avatar of Sonnia & mine is nearly done what is stopping me is where to put the Sonnia figure on it as the way its shown on the box would knowing the reprobates I game with cause many may LOLS to put it mildly.....
There's no way to avoid it. It doesn't look right any other way. Take a look at mine.
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Hmm well I don't know about fire but the exactuioner is a good model in any guild list, he hits hard and can get rid of corpes and scap counter so he can be a real pain to deal with. He has slow to die and if he kills a model using it he heals and doesn't die, so he has a built in hail mary.

But I do think he is great.

Oh and Von Schill, but he goes with every list, von schill is fast and has a good range weapon, I then to use him to secure victory points while the rest of my crew deals with my opponet's crew. Remember this game is more about getting vps then killing opponets, unless that's how, in that game, you get vps.

Anyways Von Schill is good in any crew he can join,

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Know how to drybrush? Red -> less Orange -> even less Yellow -> just a bit of White. Fire's done. (Blue fire is the same process, just using shades of blue and white.)

I stopped drybrushing,I am shading(I am not new in painting,I played wargames 5-7 years). But I never ever painted fire,and never wanted to :P

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