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Malifaux comes to GenghisCon CO


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Going to Genghiscon 2012? Come play some Malifaux!

Want to get a look at the game? Come try the demo on Friday. 2:00PM - 6:00 event #3015

Ready to test your pewter against players from all over the state and possibly beyond? Sign up for the tournament on Sunday. 9:00AM-3:00 event #3016

Watch here for updates and the players' pack.

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Thank you to all who made it. I had an awesome time, and hope to get a chance to play you all soon.

Here are the results of the tournament:

1st- Guild(Lady J, Perdita, Sonnia)

2nd- Guild(Lady J, Perdita, Sonnia)

3rd- Outcasts(Leveticus, Viktorias)

4th- Resserectionists(Seamus)

5th- Outcasts(Von Schill)

6th- Arcanists(Ramos)

A lot of new players both in the demo and the tournament. The Malifaux scene in Colorado is looking very bright.

Now for some visuals:




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What? Neverborn didn't place? Clearly not a real tournament. :P

I won't be hopping into the tournie scene any time soon, but Malifaux is definitely getting love in Colorado these days.

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Also, since the scene is changing around here, can I get a list of all the places that have regular meet ups for Malifaux in Colorado?

I know Total Escape Games in Broomfield meets on Sundays. Enchanted Grounds used to meet on Thursday (still see a couple of people there from time to time).

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