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Help with Bishop


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I bought the Von Schill box last friday and played it for the first time yesterday. I fielded Bishop with them because the box is lacking a meele beatstick.

So long story short, the guys at my LGS i usally play with were telling me that Bishop was a bad include and he doesn't offer much for his points. That he dies too fast, doesn't do much and i should include something else. But i really really like the model and i really really want to play him in the future.

Now's were your part begins: It would be nice if you would share your tips and tricks with Bishop so i can prove them wrong. (they will probably read this anyways ^^)

Thanks in advance.


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Just yesterday I flipped through Book1 and made a little wish to myself hoping that Wyrd'd revisit certain entries to bring them more up to par with the current state of the game.

Bishop in particular was on my mind at that time as he is probably one of the least appreciated models in Malifaux, even before Rising Powers he was widely considered below the curve, which is sad, really.. Because he's probably also one of the coolest models they've made, at least on my personal list he's way up in top along with models such as the old Avatar of Pandora (she was what made me interested in Wyrd in the first place :x (now sadly OOP, RIP)).

Anyway.. Enough with the whining.. Using Bishop it is.. Eh..

I think you'd have to 'exploit' his strengths, such as fielding him with Sonnia or Kaeris and make Fire Pillars for him to throw enemy models through/into - been considering this, but ultimately I think there's cheaper alternatives available for both of them, especially if it's the only gimmick he got.

He can also reach remarkably high Cb/Df values with his buffs (10 and 8 respectively), but with a relatively poor damage line and no other direct defensive ability it doesn't mean as much as one could've hoped.

Slowing opponents can be pretty strong and Toss Aside has alot of potential (especially with his Quick Strike), sadly Von Schills crew doesn't really setup traps and such.. Although if you use Terraclips and have a lot of walls he could probably send enemies flying quite frequently.

It's tricky, it really is.. =/ Can't think of any Von Schill specific tricks..

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Yet to give him a try out, I have the mercenaries box but its still in undercoat, but I suspect his usefulness would be a lot greater in close terrain the Teraclips inside buildings or sewers for example & would suggest he would also work to bodyguard another figure since he is primevally a close combatant I belive.

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I primarily use Bishop to tie up enemies. He doesn't often do much hurting, but he can keep a flank tied up for a good long time, allowing the rest of my crew to work. It's really good is you can get him in the middle of a group, and defensive buff him. Hi sCB is high enough to keep Models from breaking away, and his def is high enough to make him a tough kill.

But, that being said, I feel he is just too expensive for what he does, and because of this, I don't generally use him. He pretty much only shows in my crew when I'm playing someone new, or if I'm in the mood to do something silly.

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Hm so it seems that he really is just bad.. i thought about the model a bit and if he just had (+1 Instinctual) he would be so much better..

If his chain-wrapped fist hit for 2 points more across the field, he had instinctual, he had a larger melee range, he had fast, or any of a dozen other things, he would be so much better, and would be worth taking.

Personally, I'd like to see him using multiple triggers simultaneously, since he has a billion of them.

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hah!... personally, I love Bishop for his ability to reposition enemy models... and reposition on the defense to prevent serious damage...

tho I'll admit, i feel the update didn't do him justice.... and Hammerstrike is notably more useful (with similar repositioning ability) for less...

if Bishop was 2 stones cheaper, everyone would sing a different song... (personally, I'd rather see an update promoting him to Henchman...)

but in the idea of making him more useful... much has been said above...

use terrain to your advantage, force the enemy to interact with him at choke points..... a good toss aside can really foul up an enemy charge lane and LOS

cliffs/rooftops are handy, but hard to come by...

but really, you have to remember, he's not really a hitter, he's a facilitator...

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I really like Bishop too, the model and playing with him. I agree he is a bit costly but one thing he does is scare the enemy. People don't want him to get near so as already said he can hold up a flank especially with a good amount of scenery.

Then with all the triggers he usually pulls something off that nether you nor your opponent expects. You just suddenly see something that can really turn the fights he's in.

Other than that his defence buffs tend to keep him alive long enough in my experience.

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