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Got Puppetwars


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Welcome to Zoraida's shack in the bayou...

Your going to want something other than the box to hold your puppets before to long (especially once you start getting boosters).

There are a few recommendations on good ones in the sub-forum, my personnel favorite is teh one from Chessex. Holds plenty of Puppets safe and sound.

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I too got PW for Christmas. From reading everything on this site, I knew that would enjoy it, so I pimped my copy as much as I could. Painted all my puppets before my first game.

Played my first game and immediately bought the multiplayer expansion and the three booster packs (and two more deck of cards :confusedpuppet2).

I've only played mageknights and heroclix before, never a true mini game. I am 100% boardgamer (60% Ameritrash lover- 40% Euro lover). I really love this hybrid minis/board game.

This is a really neat, theme drenched, relatively quick game of twisted fun. I can't wait until the rest of my set comes in.

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Watch the 'How To' video's for a good feel of the game. As a boardgamer, I enjoyed it very much. The flow of play is quick from activating to fighting. It can be easily taught in under 5 minutes. I'm looking forward to a 4 player game come Friday.

Even though it is easy to learn, there is a lot of strategy in picking your puppets, moving, attacking, tearing apart, attaching etc...

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Think ill watch the how to's before i buy it :-) then take it to the club and lure some of my malifaux friends

I've found that board gamers like the mechanics enough to give it a couple of looks. Unfortunately at the moment a TON of the appeal is in the flavor of the models (rather than some fantastic game play) and so it seems to stick more with Malifaux players.

I love the game! I play it whenever I can, although that's slowed down with school starting up again.

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