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Canine Remains: More than walking Corpse Counters?


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So we all know Ressurectionists are too cool to carry around corpses long distance--they just make them get up and walk towards the battlefield in the form of dogs.

My question is: Is there a use for those dogs before they die a gory death? What has people's experiences been, and have they every found the Canine Alpha Strike (via Mortimer / Sebastian) useful?

My only experiences are using them as corpse counters or having an oddball get REALLY lucky with Red Joker damage flips.

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With nico dogs can be very annoying for your opponent, whilst in bolster range they become cb 6 df 7, making opponents spend way too much resources on a 2ss minion.

Also i use them to just sit on a point in missions like destroy evidence meaning your opponent cant flip over the counter while the dog is there usually buying you a turn to take that model out before it activates again.

Also as already said -2 df is really helpful against some harder to kill minions/masters

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I've used them pretty effectively to plink away the last few points on a model.

I mainly keep them close to my master as fodder, but if something ends up being low after an assault, they can charge 9" for a (1) and if they miss, they get another crack at it.

The -2def buff is nice, I could see it being very effective with Nicodem to pind down a model with a pair. Def 7 is quite hard to hit and disengaging strikes at an effective cb8 is vicious

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