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hey new nicadem players


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Hi new and old players alike I posted this in the guild section talking about starting a nicodem list and I thoiught I would share it here.

Hey as a seasoned nicodem player I would like to welcome a new nicodem player to the ranks.

I just wanted to add that you do not need every undead model nto be happy with nicodem just most.

Here is the list of what models I bought that I normaly end up using with nicodem


1 grave spirit

3-5 punk zombies

1 mortamor

4 canine remains

3 crooked men

1 rouge necromancy

3- 6 mindless zombies

1 Flesh construct

And one big model that I start with this is players choice (I normally add one at the 35ss games and above.)

ashes and dust

the dead rider (this is the one I run)

Killy joy

bette noir

Now to the list, this is at the core of every list I bring and it could be my 25ss list I may add another dog at that level but you go to 45ss and you will see this same core list.


grave spirit 1ss

canine remains 2ss

canine remains 2ss

canine remains 2ss

canine remains 2ss

Mortamer 7ss

Crooked man 4ss

As a nicodem player I follow alot of what I call rules for playing him here is my top ten a nicodem player should know there is no set oder to these rules but they are all in a way important.

First rule for nicodem players never pay for a punk zombie in your list always summon them.

Second rule is that the valutre totem sucks use the grave spirt. Armor+2 on nicadem for 1ss is better then the birds abilities.

Rule 3 don't count on your opponets to have models that leave you corpse counters instead always bring at lest 3 dogs for throw away units that you can make into a punk zombie. And with a wp lowing trigger and a good damage spea there a must in all nicodem starting lists, that being said don't summen them.

Rule 4 always have mortamer. He can make corpes counters and can use fresh meat to make your army move, target fresh meat on a dog you already moved and cheat it for free movement.

Rule 5 bolster undead is your life line, keep nicodem alive.

Rule 6 if you can't kill it right now paralyze it. Nicodem, mortamer and the crookd men all have a paralyze effect don't forget to use them.

Rule 7 always remember you can summen models with in 6 inches so always think about placement.

Rule 8 don't forget you get to draw cards for each corpse counter nicodem uses to summon so a rouge necromancy nets you 4 cards.

Rule 9 don't forget the hard to wound ability is just about on every model in your list has it including nicodm.

Rule 10 slow to die is amazing when used, always remember its any one action this could include intractiong with objectives to casting slice and dice with a punk zombie.

Well I hope this helps


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I have summoned 2 in more than one game. Sometimes I would rather have them than the RN. Two would be the most you should ever need in my opinion.

I actually really like the RN personally.

I think it fills a different role. While the construct seems kind of an anvil to beat things upon while the RN is a glass missile. What you summon it against has a high chance to die, but its likelyhood of surviving much more beyond that is questionable.

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I got Nic for xmas, I am used to MCm and his blood and guts tactics but Nico seems like a backseat player.

What should I run him with and what sort of tactics?

I see the reanimator spell so should I be summoning same as M, such as guild autopsy, construct and rogues?

I think the typical advice is to avoid summoning the guild autopsys in favor of a punk zombie, as the zombies seem to have more destructive potential.

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