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Marcus and the wonderful world of stitched.


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Ive onoy played a few games with Marcus, but in two of the yhree games I ran into a huge problem. I usually use melee combat as a sort of cover to keep from being shot at etc. However with the stitched togethers "gamble your life" it doesn't have the ranged symbol in the ability. Am I correct that it doesn't have to randomize for targetting a model in melee combat? If that is the case what do some of the Marcus players in particular do to ride out the storm?

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Correct on the stitched.

My main 'method' of dealing with the stitched with Marcus is one of the following;

Kaeris + Student of conflict companion, Student gives Kaeris fast, Kaeris moves out of cover (1), Shoots the stitched for a wound and a burning counter (1 - Plus any extra shots to spread more burny love), Casts immolate on the stitched using a soulstones to make her cast super high so you can cheat in a severe for 6 (+1 from the shot) (+1 casting expert), then jump back behind cover (+1 fast). For a total of 7 damage, and still hiding behind cover.

My second one is (0) wild Heart Marcus, choosing +2df, Wk = 8, (0) Cg. (0) charge him in discarding a card, Hit stitched with the charge attack for mod/severe (You get +ve from charging), Hit Stitched with 1st AP for 3, meaning 7 in total, last action, walk away for 8 inches preferably behind cover, meaning you're about 10 inches away (2" melee).

Basically, hit and run them.

Of course both of these sort of rely on getting initivate before they put fog up, but you can usually pick one off, meaning they just get to activate once before they die and since you've done the running part, they get max 1 shot at you.

And probably the third method I'd use with Marcus is;

- A soulstone miner with melee expert. Pop 'im up, hit the stitched 3 times, and burrow back under. Rinse and repeat.

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I have to say though, getting nuked by stitched together aside. Marcus is one of the most fun masters I've played now that I've gotten my head around the proper use of Wild Heart. So much flexibility...so little time lol.

Ahh yes, so many options in list construction, and in Marcus's action - I must admit I do tend to have to think a lot harder when starting to piece together a list, or turn, with Marcus then any other caster so far.

A few of the tricks above could work

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