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I got me some puppets!

Da Big Baws

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Well my folks got me Puppet Wars and all the Pawn Boosters during TheWarstore's Black Friday sale at 35% off retail (plus 5% off on top due to Black Friday). It was going to be their Xmas present to me but they let me open it today when it arrived.

What is the best lists to demo/intro with just a few puppets? As I said, I got the Base Set and the Pawn Boosters. I intend to try it tomorrow or Wednesday with my brother.

P.S. The sale is still going on until midnight if anyone wants some cheap Puppet Wars at TheWarstore.

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Well there's always the scenarios in the Patterm Book, but if you want to do it at your own pace you'll just want a few puppets per side, with a tight board set up keeping it close quaters (starting workbenches about 5 spaces apart)

I like using Lady Justice, Judge, 2 Death Marshals and Mature Nephilim versus Seamus, Bete Noire, 2 Belles and Ice Golem. It's good to double up on the core puppet, (keeps it simple plus a great place to try out upgrades) while the additional puppet is out of suit and provides extra muscle. If you want to replace the extra DM and RB then I'd say us Guild Hound/Ronin and Guild Autopsy/Punk Zombie

Don't be afraid to play the game a little more aggressively at first (at worst you lose) just so the game doesn't drag. Brutal has always been the word to describe puppet war playstyle but keeping things that little extra tight and intimate will help counter the extra time you spend getting to grips with the rules.

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Congrats and welcome to the addiction! I also started with the Pattern Book's intro, playing all of it in a night as I read through the rules. The first few are slow, but really help explain how each step is taken. I restarted each "game" as we grasped the new aspects of the game and moved on.

I now (when teaching new people) tend to go through an overview of the cards and how each player's characters work, discuss the fate deck, talk about the standard actions and free actions, and show the board. Then we start animation, and I guide each player through an animation or two and discuss things as they happen (haven given a brief overview at the very start). By the third animation, most things seem to be working alright on there own, but I continue to kind of commentate. We play with a master and four puppets (1 sidekick, 2 suite, and 1 out of suite).

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