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Death Marshall for ...... in LJ Set, 25 SS List


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So as part of a local gaming club I have agreed to compete in a monthly competition (tale of four gamers style)

I decided on the Lady Justice Set as I loved the models and have spent a while thinking how I'm going to paint them, so have the perfect point to start from.

Playing a few games at 25 points with the starter box It was apparent that I do not really need 3 Death Marshalls so was looking at additions and these are the models that I like.

Guild Gaurdian, would help me to keep LJ alive in scenarios plus hitting guys in the face with a shield amuses me.

Executioner, I WILL PAINT HIM (and Miss Demeanor)

Guild Hounds (2) I like dogs

Witchling Stalkers I like the models and the fluff (which I can write about in the battle reports and monthly summeries (YAY more paperwork))

So yeah what are your guys views and what would you recommend...


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Oh its not an all or none question?

Guardian is great, can keep up with her, protects her from a good amount of stuff (AOE will hurt and anything that eats armor will take the guardian out quick enough) and her Inspiring Swordplay helps him out. the whole immune to willpower stuff is super nice too, would say if your playing just LJ for all scenario types he is one of your best bets.

EDIT: also love how he uses :tomes even low ones, meaning he makes better utilization out of your hand each turn

Executioner is good but in low SS games without movement tricks he is just too slow to fill any roles that LJ can't already cover.

Hounds are great for eating evidence, pooping it back up, disarming dynamite, etc. but even when I give them both MExpert with LJ or get the +2 CB from swordplay i am usually very dissapointed in their killing potential. But they do add nice move, which is something we generally lack.

Stalkers are not as survivable as DMs and the difference in the range attacks is pretty noticable. I don't usually feel like they add anything to LJ unless you want to shut casters down. It always seems like they get gunned down when with LJ or come in and mop up the enemy (I seem to get extreme games with them).

The not suggested that you may think about. Nino is great with LJ, that 16" range can force the enemy to make some tough dicesions; Stand back and get filled with led or move in and get a greatsword to the groin?

Anywho, LJ is about all the melee beatstick one really needs, if you can add models to augment her move/def or to gundown the runners you will have a crew that can handle quite a few strats and schemes.

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more guardian love
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Guild Dogs are pretty good, they're a cheap efficient high mobility unit. However like Akujie said, their killing potential is the part that suffers so they only really shine against Resurrectionists. A great model for high mobility support and point grabbing is the Watcher. Flying, doesn't need another one to get rid of insignificant, removes sometimes nasty abilities of your opponents choice models; they're pretty much just fantastic all around. The only thing to watch out for is if you want to take more than one, the dogs are often a better choice due to being cheaper and essentially preforming the same duties.

The Executioner is a model I absolutely love, I take him almost every chance I get. The one big problem is his movement is average and has no ranged attack, which makes him a huge walking bullet sponge with no defensive abilities until he reaches melee. Once in melee he becomes a huge nuisance and very very hard to kill because of his neat combo of Slow to Die and Loves the Job. I often run Lady Justice for the sole purpose of being able to have the Executioner and take Lucius in the same crew.

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Yeah LJ, Lucius and Executioner works very well.

Nino Ortega is a good option to add some ranged support.

I use the Guardian quite often especially with the above combo.

If you can protect them well via cover or other means, stalkers boosted with inspiring swordplay and combat prowess can be nice melee models for a LJ crew.

Any of the 7ss models could be swapped out for judge. Who can be good but needs to pick his battles well.

An average 25ss crew for me would be LJ, 2 Death Marshals, Nino, 2 Austringers and her cache of 4. Ranged focus but can handle itself in and around melee.

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Cheers guys thanks for your help, Since I already have the Executioner model as well as the Miss Demeanor model I will be painting them both very soon to fit in with the crew.

It looks like from what people are saying is that I need some long range fire support so will be placing an order for Nino and an Austringer and a Guardian which should last me for the Christmas instalment and the following month unless I have misread the rules again.

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Depends if you regularly play against the same faction or if it's a mixture. Some characters are completely wasted against some opponents (e.g. witchling's magical protection against a melee orientated crew like the Vikis is just a waste). It's worth getting a varied mix of minions to cover everything you might need. For 25SS I normally use;

Lady J

Scales of Justice


Convict Gunslinger

Judge, Santiago Ortega or Samael Hopkins (depending on opponent)

With that combo I've only ever lost once and that was against a Lilith crew (that was an absolute slaughter though!).

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Depends if you regularly play against the same faction or if it's a mixture. Some characters are completely wasted against some opponents (e.g. witchling's magical protection against a melee orientated crew like the Vikis is just a waste).

Magic defense works in so many situations.

stoping the Viks casting Sisters in Battle can really lower the damage they put out.

Its also useful to hurt the Librarian that often accompanies her.

not sayign its alwas right, but they are a good toolbox

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