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New Guildy!


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Hi everyone! I'm a vet of Warhammer and Warmachine-- hoping to expand my palate. I'm not quitting those games but I've been looking at Malifaux for a while and today I bought C. Hoffman's box set. I'm excited to learn to play; I've read the rulebooks but that's not the same thing as getting some experience.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I was thinking of purchasing Ryle or a Peacekeeper, but I don't know which one. I also have some newbie questions:

1) How do you trigger a trigger that has two different suits in it if you don't have Use Soulstone? You flip one card normally, right, and you can flip another if you have a twist, but don't you then have to discard one of the ones you flipped?

2) I know if you don't spend all of your army points you get the extra added to your soulstone cache, but can you spend some of your cache to go over on your army points?

Thanks a lot! Advice is welcome too :).

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Welcome to the Guild! Always nice to have more Guildsters running around the forums :D

Like Mike and Chuckle said, even with a plus twist, you only get to use the suit of the card you pick. The only time you get the suit from two different cards is when you use a SS to add to your total. But like Mike said, some of the requirements are "baked" in.

For instance, Most of the Witchling Stalkers have "Df/Wp (R T) Reflect". If you look at the v2 cards located on the left hand side of any screen on the forum, you'll notice that the Ram is Grey and the Tome is Black. This means that your stat (Wp or Df) already has a Ram in it's total. So all you need to do is make a Tome show up on your cards, either by flipping or cheating.

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Thanks guys! Just a couple things that still confuse me:

-Some triggers look untriggerable. For instance, Hans has a Ram/Crow Headshot trigger, but no ram or crow on his Cb; how can he ever trigger that, since he can't use soulstones to get a second card?

-Are Avatars optional? Like, do you have to declare before the game if Avatars are going to be a possibility?

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There were some types on the first versions of the cards and in the original book printing

Hans has a ram in his CB so he just needs a crow to trigger head shot.

Avatars are completely optional and in a lot of cases not really that useful. They were meant to add another option to the game and not to be a OP model that everyone feels they must include.

Also if you are looking for more good info on Hoffman check out the Pull my Finger wiki.


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