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My First Gremlins :D


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A friend at the LGS talked my partner and I into playing Malifaux with him so we rushed out and bought some boxes. I was immediately drawn to the cuteness of the gremlins.

My partner is very pedantic about playing with unpainted minis so I had to have them ready within the week...which means that I had to put my usual psychotic-ness regarding highlighting and shading aside.

Thank you to Wyrd Miniatures for creating such a great range of minis :).

I'm proud to say that one of my little Bayou gremlins (who unceremoniously asploded in my first game) was the hero of my second game, saving Ophelia from that fat grave digger, dirt flinging goon and gathering the loots.









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They look great! All very uniform, for a rag tag group of greens!

Ophelia beats the boys with their own boomsticks if they don't conform :P!

But actually it's funny that you should mention that. I had a lot of slow moments during gaming where I confused Raphael's card with Rami's because of how I had painted their clothes.

Deadpool - I'll take a close up of her after I clear up my overloaded workspace (currently adoring Hamelin and all his stinky ratties)!

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