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Best Week 4 Tweet + Week 3 Winner!


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Ok, without delay, the week one winner is:

The price for peace is paid yarn and buttons.

This person has won a free Puppet Wars expansion box!

Now on to week 3!

get your vote on!! (you have through Sunday to vote. Yes, one extra day because I'm a bit late :D)

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Nooooooooooooooooo! :( Another week another fail! :D OR, was it because I was slightly late in posting it? Mine was:

"Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said "Dead Puppet Storage"? #puppetwars"

If it was because it was late? I posted it on Sunday night, can I enter that in the new week or is it already entered in that as I posted after the cutoff time?

On and congratulations to the winner! :)

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my tweet for this week:

@WyrdGames We are no longer puppets being manipulated by outside powerful forces: we become the powerful force ourselves. #puppetwars

I noticed that the tweets for #puppetwars cycle out and are no longer viewable. I'm thinking some tweets may not be seen due to this.

Since I don't ever use twitter I have to ask, do you have to put "@WyrdGames" at the beginning of your tweet to get in the running?

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Is this still going on, or am I too late?

Edit: Just in case, this it my tweet:

"The most difficult thing to do is make a puppet walk, unless you use magic." ~ James Racioppi (Paraphrased) #PuppetWars

I'm pretty sure you're ok, At worst I think Eric will just shift your entry to next week.

Here's my entry:

"The eyes... The ever-watching eyes... 'I will never blink' he said... Must escape the eyes... " - Last entry in diary #Puppetwars

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I'm confused why we're doing it at all, since it's supposed to be easily tracked on twitter due to the #PuppetWars. But I didn't want to not do it and find out later it was an unwritten rule that you had to put it on the forum too.

All you need to do is put up the hash tag #puppetwars

I didn't post any of mine on the forum and one of mine is being voted on in this thread.

I think it might be people who are using different usernames on twitter so people know who they are...

Or as there is a lot of posts going up with the hash tag you don't catch them all if your watching for them heh

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