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Hey I'm new in every way


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I thought the idea and imagery of the game looked fun. I'm not too into models and figurines all that much, more into deck strategies and such. So I'm completely new to neverborn.

My mall is Granite Run in Lima, PA, and I noticed a lot of people go there so I figured I'd try it out.

I have no idea where to start. lol Any suggestions? I just need a boost past the art phase of it all.

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Hello and welcome.

The first things you will need if you want to play are:

The mini rulebook

A fate deck or puppet deck. They both have great art.

Some models.

Model wise your crew needs to be run by A master or Henchman. Luckily, every master or hman is also released as a starter box with some of the minions they tend to work best with. So just take a look around and see What takes your fancy.

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I know what you mean about the art hurdle. Not that it affects me - it's maybe my favorite aspect of the hobby. But I've introduced so many people to gaming that I've had to work hardest to convince people their skills are going to be okay so they can enjoy the game. So here's the biggest advice: your skills will be okay.

Whatever your skills are. If you're with a group of mini gamers, they have seen it all. From bare metal to only primed to painted by a five year old (seriously - when my boy was 3-5 I had him paint an entire crew for me - my favorite to run but they sure look wicked!) to sloppy base coat to near competitive. Ultimately, you just have to decide to have fun with a hobby you're investing in.

think of it like any other hobby. Pick RC car racing. I don't know of many people that one day sit up in bed and say, "Hey, I'm going to drop over a thousand bucks in a car today and get the shell professionally airbrushed and have every upgraded titanium gear installed in it that's possible!" Or any hobby. Just take it a step at a time and get advice from locals. When you see a model painted that really catches your attention - that compels you to want to pick it up and look at it more closely, ask the artist how he did it. He'll be proud, I promise. He'll want to tell you how you can do it.

There's tons and tons of advice on the internet about the artistry of miniature painting. From beginner to master. There's tons even in these forums!

Most of us vets would advise you to start browsing at: www.coolminiornot.com

Look at the pretty pictures, especially the 'Best of the last 7 days' and 'Best of whatever category' stuff. They'll inspire you. But also find the article section. They're written by mini artists that want to help noobs. :)

Before you get overwhelmed with the painting, my real advice (once you're committed to just having fun with a new hobby) is to get your models assembled and on the table. Learn the game even with bare metal minis. Just start having fun as soon as you can! If your play area has a lot of players like you said, there will be a lot of good guys there (and a few douches) - the good guys will find you and sit you down. I've never been to an LGS that's different.

Welcome and have a great time!


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Welcome to the wyrd side of life.

Im sure you will find the balance between the cards and models to be a refreshing change compared to any other games you have played.

But the true beauty of this game is the imagery and the way its been conveyed to the models themselves. Then ofcourse you have the team behind the game who are very much in contact and constantly updating us through the forums. A real breath of fresh air to this old warhorse of a gamer.

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Welcome! I never used to paint my minis, but my wife refuses to play with unpainted figures. Its surprising how fast your painting skills go from rubbish to not half bad, weirdly its also fun painting them up I never thought i would get into the painting aspect but once forced to I really enjoy it.

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