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Newbie Rasputina 35 point


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So, I'm working on getting Malifaux started at my LGS (having a fairly successful time of it too) and selected Rasputina as my primary that I want to work on. Trying to make a decent all comers list (I know that it's not primarily how this game works, but eh) that is somewhat flexible, and came up with the following, based on a little reading on the forums and PullMyFinger.


Essence of Power 2

Freikorps Trapper 7

Ice Gamin 4

Sabertooth Cerberus 8

Silent One 6

Silent One 6

33 points

I haven't gotten to mess with Rasputina at all yet, I've been having to do my demos with Lady Justice until the starter set shows up, so I'm not really sure how well this would work. I think I've got a good amount of flexibility here, especially from the Cerberus and Trapper, but I'm somewhat concerned about the low model count. What do you guys think?

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Model count seems fine on the whole.

The largest Problem I have with fixed lists for masters like Rasputina is that due to her speed she can't do all you want her to do, so you need to pick models that cover this when the mission calls for it.

A rasputina list for Escape and survive would be quite different to one for slaughter for example. (or one facing a crew doing contain power)

Your crew does cover a range of things, but if you are re-conottreing then you have several slow models, which might be tricky that so some extent are likely to be hanging close to rasputina.

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I play the arcanist myself, specifically rasputina and marcus. I have found that usually in a tournament and casual games, I pick my crew after flipping for strategies. Instead of tailoring your rasputina crew to be able to handle several situations, perhaps you should focus on just having her be able to accomplish 3-5 schemes really easily. Then use another master from the same faction to accomplish 3-5 very different different schemes just as easily. This way your not struggling trying to have rasputina do something she just isnt made to do.

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Thats a tough question.

I'm lucky enough that knowing what faction my opponent is picked probably means I know which crew I'm facing which can also make a huge difference.

If you or your opponent are doing a Line in the sand, and the board has reasonable lines of sight to the dynamite, this list could hadle that well.

It will probbaly struggle to complete claim jump, but can defend against it quite well (although beware of the speed with which the dreamer or Kiari can get minions to a certain place)

Contain power might be hard, depending on which master you have to try and kill. If your opponent doesn't need to use the master you will probably struggle. But you also have a good defense against most opponents trying to kill Rasputina.

You have a good chance to get the cerberus to deliver the message.

You will struggle with destroy the evidence, but are well set upi to defend against it

If you are distracting you've good a good chance, but if your opponent has distract Rasputina is in real trouble.

Escape and Survive is tricky, but possible. If you opponent has escape and survive, and the terrain is good you can probably do will defending against it.

Plant evidence will be tough for you, but again it will also be tough for your opponent unless they have a very fast crew (Show girls, Kiari, Dreamer, Lilith)

Reconnoiter is going to be very hard. BUt it will be quite hard for your opponet to get more than 2 points from it.

Slaughter depends heavily on opponets crew and mission. If they have to get somewhere, and are forced to come into your range, you can do well, but if you have to chase them about, you will struggle. You are probably well set up to defend against Slaughter.

Supply Wagon. You are going to struggle to stop an opponents wagon, and may struggle against melee heavy crews ( Justice, Victorias, Lileth) to defend your own wagon

Treasure hunt Depends heavily on opponents crew again. Cerberus has a good chance of grabbing the treasure early, and if he can get it back you are well set up, but if the opponents crew can stop him (either by Combat, or spells like Lure and Obey), you are in real trouble.

If your opponet is slow and you can get a good ice mirror onto the treasure early you might be able to stop an opponent. BuT a Fast crew will really make you struggle.

Turf war is tricky. If you can keep the trapper and the cerberus alive in the opponents half and restrict anything of theirs that goes into your half, you stand a chance. But that is probably tricky to do, even with lots of Ice pillars. Board layout for this is quite vital.

So in summery, its a good area denial force, which probably will stopp opponents getting as many points, but it is less good at completing its own mission. But you will know what you are doing, what your opponent is doing, and which faction they are.

Hope that is some help. I will say I struggle when I use Rasputina, due to her reduced versitility. I have similar problems with Ramos, but get good results from Marcus and Colette.

I know other people do well with Ramos and Rasputina, I just can't consistantly duplicate it. Snow storm will help in several of the problem missions.

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