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Perdita top-up


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Hi all,

I normally play Neverborn but I'm also working my way toward having one 35SS crew from each faction.

To this end I have the following Guild models:



Papa Loco


Governor's Proxy

To get this up to 35SS I was thinking of adding Abula and ???.

I don't particularly want a stack of options to switch in and out but something like buying a blister of Death Marshalls and swapping the Governor's Proxy and Papa Loco out as needed would be okay.

Any thoughts or guidance??


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Death Marshals, Guild Austringers, and Witchling Stalkers are all strong additions to any Guild Crew; they aren't too expensive ($$ or SS wise) and they are really good for canon fodder. The Judge is a solid pick too; he's a faster moving model with the ability to strike up to four times in an activation (see Blades and Bullets, and Bullets and Blades). I also really like Santiago and Francisco; as a pair (activating together with Companion (Family)) they work to move towards objectives; many don't see the pair as a big threat, seeing as Perdita is on the board, so they tend to stay under the radar.

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I'd suggest santiago just like theonewhofell did. It appears on the board not alot of people like him but I personally can say there is only one model with family that would show up in any type of guild list i'd run and that is santiago.

He is a little tricky to use but like 99% of guild models is fairly straight forward and when properly utilized he is an absolute beast. As crazy as it might seem to you in my humble opinion he is the best non master ortega I would take him over nino and not think twice.

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Santiago over Nino is a tough sale . Hunter and Hid range make Nino so good . tell you the truth I would take both lol .

And death marshals are a great cheap choice and match there play style nicely .

Basically Perdita can carry any crew so just go with what you like .

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The problem I have with nino is this to make him a "force" to be contended with. He needs about 20ss worth of support to be dominating from your list not to mention not too mention the majority of your hand every turn plus being dependant on just about every decent mask card 7+ just to be good. Otherwise you have someone who just takes up alot of board space and has a sign pointed on his top hat that says "don't come around here anymore" like he was Mr. Tom Petty.

Also most factions know have models out that our highly mobile that can get to him and say hi. On top of the fact that it wouldn't surprise me if a malifaux child could beat him in melee.

Know if you compare him to a austringer, he is two points cheaper has a more impressive "companion" 0 action. And basically fulfills the same role.

On a side note I would say I'm not saying nino is bad he is well worth his cost. But when you actually look at what it takes to make him "superb" plus the fact that every faction has access to fast manueverable options now capable of closing with him quickly (say turn two unless he is hugging the back of your table edge).

I think most lists that use him could probably use an austringer and get similar effects for a cheaper cost to fit something else in their list. But same effects in just about every case with the two exceptions being master killing and the12-16" range I always get two shots compared to just one.

Don't mean to jack the post I could make a post comparing units. But the problem with that in my eyes is the guild as a faction as a whole is fairly an open book to all but a new player or a player that doesn't care to think much about strategy because it is not their cup of tea. And from a personal stand point guild is my favorite faction and I really don't want to give other players(from different factions) a play book on our options.

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In defence of nino, I was playing my gf's ressers crew of Seamus, 3 belles, sybelle, copycat killer and Molly. I had Perdita, francisco, santiago, nino, papa, and abuela.

About 3 turns in I obey'd Nino to shoot at a belle. Got the repeating rifle strike 4 times against the belle to kill her. In his activation he then got a repeating rifle strike followed by headshot off against Molly. All from the deck. Yes i know its a tad lucky (if you have seen my recent game hands you would say karma at last). But with only one spell used on him in six turns he singlehandedly killed a belle through damage and cause the ressers to burn off a soulstone to try and avoid being hit, another for damage prevention and 2 more for headshot.

Casualty wise not massive, but game starting pools were ressers 8ss and guild 5ss. So it restored the soulstone balance.

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