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Newbie from WGC UK here


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Greetings all, only just found out about this game and it looks awesome.

Every couple of years I've been running a mini friendly tourny for my friends called Squigfest, and as this year appears to be the last i can host for a while (my lovely wife and I are expecting a youngling in November), I'm looking to go out with a bang and play a truly imba game, and Malifaux looks to be it.

I have a couple of questions however:

1). Are the boxed crews all good to go out of the box using only the core rulebook? I've had a look at the downloadable book and it doesn't cover them (i assume that's saved for the bought version) and as i am intending on ordering online, i don't want to buy a crew or two only to find out i need to spend yet more money to get them running.

2). is this the sort of game that would be good for a 2 day tournament festival amoung friends? In the past we've played many GW games incl 40k, Necromunda, Blood Bowl and GorkaMorka, along with other games such as Magic:TG and Zombies.

3). If i find out that i love this game (which i have a feeling i will) are there any 'clubs' that play in or around the Welwyn Garden City area? Sadly all my friends who play tabletop games are from the age old days of my youth and live half way across the country (or Wales), hence why Squigfest is held at most once a year, and so after moving to WGC about 18 months ago i don't know anyone who plays tabletop.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, and thank you for your time.


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Most starter boxes are playable, though they all benefit from an additional figure or two. I'm sure someone can discuss this better than me.

The original Rules Book and the Rising Powers expansion have the figure profiles, the Rules Manual is just that. Figures come with cards of course.

Malifaux is ideal for a fun tournament weekend. You can even team up for a final Brawl with 2 masters working together. There are quite a few 1 and 2 day tournaments, and the ones so far have been great fun (see the Events/Europe section of the forum).

There are 2 clubs in London playing Malifaux (Cross Gaming and Clapham) and we're just up the M1 at Cranfield (near Milton Keynes). If you need an intro contact myself, or maybe Ish if London is better for you.

Finally WGC = ?

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Hey, thanks for the reply. I'll check out the London option i think, as neither myself or my wife drives.

WGC btw is short hand for Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire (the name is just so long however, three letters is so much easier).

I've looked into the basic starters and think i am going to try out Som'er. The dreamer really eapeals to me, but shelling out £50 for a basic team and core book is enough at the moment, another £20 for the expanded rule book to get into the dreamer just seems a bit excessive (at the moment)

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Hi Loxley. There is a gaming club which runs on Mondays evenings in St Nicks, Stevenage where there are a couple of us who are looking to start Malifaux. Admittedly we are just waiting for the rules and minis to be delivered at the moment but hopefully we'll be able to get some games under our belts and garner some interest in Malifaux in the local gaming community.

Let me know if you would like some more details as new members are always welcome, and the more Malifaux players the better!

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