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Slerbal's Outcast Crews painting log


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I realised the way posts are generally presented on this most excellent forum is for folks' painting logs of their minis, so in the same vein I hereby present the infrequently updated Slerbals' Outcast Crews Painting Log for your delictation, comments, suggestions and other feedback.

These are the first Crews I have painted for Malifaux, though not the first miniatures I have painted (I've painted about 100 or so, give or take).

Outcast Crews: Leveticus' Crew and Von Shill's Freikorps.

I am including some personal notes and observations on the miniatures as I go through.

Note of my painting: I mainly use GW paints and Washes, but exclusively use Army Painter coloured primers and brushes.

Leveticus Crew

My choice here was to use earthtone colours and shades and to make all metals bronzed for that clockwork feel. I also wanted to emphasise the ickyness of stitched together abominations and the desolation engine by using wet effect resins to give them that "still wet" feel.

As I generally paint for tabletop use rather than shows, I tend to use extreme lighting effects on the models.

None of the models below have been baased yet - waiting for a pack of bases from Dragonforge :)




The first Malifaux miniature I painted, I used him to test out the palette for his crew and also used him determine the angle of directional lighting I would use.

For the bronze effect I used GW Chainmail with washes of GW Gryphon Sepia and GW Ogryn Flesh. I prefer this effect to bronze paints which I often find too dark. For the bronze highlights I used GW Mithril Silver with a wash of GW Gryphon Sepia.

Rusty Alyce



I wanted Alyce to complement Leveticus in colours, so gave her a red jacket.

Steampunk Abominations





I really enjoyed painting these. I wanted to give them a rotting skin tone and really emphasis their stitched-togetherness and oozingness. I used a lot of wet effect on the wounds and went for blue jeans to complement the skin tone. I felt the tonguues should be gree rather than red and just like Leveticus I gave them very bronzed implants.

Desolation Engine



At first I really didn't like this model, but the key for me was his left side of his torso. The detail there was crying out for washes, highlights, lowlights and more and I ended up really happy with the end piece. Just as with the SPAs I used wet effect onthe wounds and it looks lovely on the field!

Hollow Waifs



At first I went for a mortified flesh look for the Hollow Waifs, but it just didn't work for me, so I redid them as very pale skinned ladies of the night.

Von Schill's Freikorps

These have both been amazing and frustrating to me. I decided to go with an American Civil War era Union soldier colour scheme of striking blue coats (with extreme highlighting/lowlighting) and bronzed metal armour. The frustration for me was with Von Schill himself. I just don't like him, he feels like Khan in Wrath of Khan and so I've been playing around with him, but alas I am yet to be happy. I may proxy him.

Anyway, on to the troops:

Freikorps Specialist and Freikorps Trapper



Man, I love their coats! They were so lovely to paint in blues with highlights and lowlights. I really like how they turned out. Their heads were a bit fiddly, but I got there in the end. I decided to give them glowing green eyes for a somewhat "nightvision goggle" effect.

So that are my models painted for now. I am currently working on the remaining Freikorps and should be able to post them up soon.

Comments, thoughts etc most welcome :)

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