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Noob Seamus question


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Can the Onryo or Ikiryo models be used by Seamus?

I'm still really new to this, and there are places where some of the rules are taking me a bit to get used to as this is also my first tabletop mini game. All I am working with now is the Seamus box crew, but might buy a few more clamshells besides the Copycat Killer and maybe Bete Noire. I really like the look of the Onryo in particular...and some of the nastiness they seem to be able to inflict.

Or would I just be better off buying Kirai's crew as an alternate?

Thanks in advance all.

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Ikiryo is really part of the Kirai Master, a bit like Lord Chompy Bits. So can't be used with Seamus. Onryo can be and are actually quite good with him.

The two Rezer crews I run at the moment are Kirai and Seamus, they have a bit of cross over, Hanged and Jack Daw work well in both. Seamus can use Onryo well. The only issue with the Kirai box set is you will need to add 2 clamshells of Seishin and at least one clamshell of Gaki (I would probably add 2).

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Punks are good with him as well, as they provide a damage output his core crew can be lacking. Bete is a good answer for this as well, or a Shikome.

I've been underwhelmed by them personally, but a lot of people like the fun you can have with the Crooked Men, with Belles Luring victims into their Shafted markers.

And even though Ratty already mentioned it, I'll second the Hanged. Their emphasis on Wp combines well with Trail of Fear, and if you link it with a Grave Spirit the thing's as close to invulnerable as you're likely to get. I'll sometimes use Canine Remains as well, primarily to distribute Rabies.

I haven't tried running Onryo with him yet, but they should work well for the same reasons as the Hanged. Shikome, too - since you can target Wp, Trail of Fear becomes an area Df debuff which is pretty nasty.

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