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some more female outcasts.


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some of these are privateer press minis, but make up my all female malifaux crew - sorry about the dark pics, does make it hard to see faces properly.

1: Convict Gunslinger: really happy how the black cloth came out, not entirely sure on the gold but happy with the overall model none the less.



2: Hanz the Sniper: gah an annoying model to paint, and in a silly pose - it is done at least.



3: Hamelin with her pet spider Nix: just could not get the skin tone to work on this model, happy with the spider at least.



4: Tealor (Lady hammerstrike): generally quite happy with this one, especially how the bronze hammer came out, skin tone not too shabby and my 1st attempt at painting gemstones.



thoughts and criticisms welcome as usual.


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My suggestion is get some old style flock and mix it with PVA and then use it to give you a nice surface. You can also use it thickly to hide the base on the Spider.. then paint it brown, give a little bit of a lighter brown drybrush. Finally get some of the newer fiberous flock and add it in patches. It's fairly easy but will make them look much better.

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Bases make minis imo, and this good work will look superb when done.

Interesting that you chose a red back as your spider (that GW ole favourite is more tarantula imo, but who really cares?). I was once bitten by one of those things & according to my doc back then, it was only my being massively obese at the time that kept me out of hospital.

Fat can be good! :elefant:

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Cheers for the comments guys, indeed the bases do need doing i just could not decide how i want to tackle them yet. not got enough disposable income to buy wyrd base inserts, so might use the ol sand+flock routine, or some millput and sculpt some cobblestones. still undecided so thus not done - any suggestions on what would look effective for the steampunk universe would be appreciated.

oh and in regards to the spider, it was looking too dull just all black/grey so i surfed the web for some orange spider variants and this one looked cool (think was some kind of bird eating spider...)

going to try using several watered down layers of metalic paint to do the metals rather then 1 thicker coat followed by a wash - see what kind of effect that gives.

can't wait to get to work on my female version of Jack Daw.

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