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Mouslings! Oh My!

Shadeau Gorgon

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For those of you that can stomach cute... here you go!

Reaper's Mouselings are one of my little addictions (on top of Teddy's and Licorice). Reaper seems to be putting the out on somewhat of a regular schedule.

They were released first at GenCon a little ahead of the announced schedule and they were a hit.

They are excellent painter training fodder. Multiple textures from armor to fur, cloth and leather, different archetypes to master from the armored paladin to the thief, pretty much everything that you'll encounter in the genre.

Whenever a new painter comes to the shop I always encourage them to get a box of the mouslings to practice on and 10 for 25 bucks is not a bad first investment.


Now for the good news... Zombies and Seasonal Mice!



And coming soon...


Have a good look and get your cute on!

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I think I missed the zombies.. couldn't find them on their shop when I looked 2 days ago :(

They were only available during the artist convention on their site, I was able to get some ordered through our LGS distributor (allegedly), so If the other 2 boxes of them come in we can work something out Ratty... PM me.

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