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Coryphee duet


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Okay, so I faced one of these monsters the other day and really came up short against it.

I was running Levi and nothing I had could really hit it, to begin with; let along take it down I see no weakness in the model with how all the rules have gone for it.

How do you take this thing down?

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Coryphee Duet should be difficult to take down because two 7ss models must be sacrificed to be replaced by Coryphee Duet. That's 14ss for one model!

You need to plan ahead.

If you start your turn with Leveticus in melee range of Coryphee and have 2 high control cards then do a melee strike (cheat it higher if you can) and spend a soulstone to add to the attack (and hopefully Coryphee Duet has not activated and used Soul Dancer this turn). Remember, you can perform the melee strike action twice so if your opponent flips an 11, 12, or 13 you may want to try cheating the next flip.

Once you have hit the Coryphee Duet you can activate his The Face of Death Cb trigger and discard cards until your damage flip is without any negative :-fate. Now do your damage flip and cheat it to severe damage. This will one-hit-kill Coryphee Duet.

With other models you will probably need to perform multiple attacks. Their Bulletproof 2 makes ranged strike actions less effective, but if you have nothing better to do. . .

I've never had to take down a Coryphee Duet before but I'd consider the Bad Juju and Mechanical Rider. They are expensive but one might work well for you. If Corypee Duet is going after an objective you might want to use Bad Juju to pop in once you figured out what that objective is. The Mechanical Rider has nimble for the first 2 turns of the game and should be able to engage the Coryphee Duet.

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Yeah thats what makes it hard, you either have to barrage it with attacks or hit it before it activates. But Leveticus himself will completely tool it if he can hit it. Do his 1/2 wds +1 spell and if you can get them down to 2 wds, you have your irresistible spell that can just take them out.

Otherwise, Ashes and Dust does very well against them. They can't really keep it down and if it has SPA's/Engines on the board it can causes a huge number of flips for it.

But otherwise, saturation of attacks. Hit it with as many attacks as you can muster on it and you should be able to bring it down. Its very good against 1 target, good against 2, but beyond that it starts having troubles as it starts devouring your opponents hand and SS cache. Just keep at it and it will go down.

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The Duet is by no means unbeatable, but in addition to setting up to kill it in one go, you need to watch for Cassandra popping into B2B contact with one from up to 18" away using (1) Dance Partner. You might have thought you could handle the Duet, but Duet & Cassandra are nasty (esp if she brings along a Linked Mannequin that lets her and the Duet ignore Weak dmg).

When I run a Duet I always keep a Mechanical Dove within 3", so that the Duet can use it as a Soulstone before it activates. This helps avoid it being killed by eg. the Leveticus method mentioned above, so get rid of the Dove if you can before you try and take out the Duet.

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