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Madam Sybelle, the prettiest Belle


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I'm slow, but I finally finished another model... Madam Sybelle. :)

Painting black is really hard. I tried highlighting it with blue but it's hard to tell. The mesh came out okay, though it's hard to tell from the pics. I washed the mesh with Pale Flesh and then I drybrushed black over it. She's intentionally a bit messy as I'm going for a dirty "from the grave" look for all of my undead models.

You can view all the pics here: http://svenn.tabletopgeeks.com/madam-sybelle/


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Painting black pvc/leather (of which a lot of my model collection seems to have astounding amounts of :S) can be achieved by lightly drybrushing a few shades of grey then beasting it with either blank ink (for pvc) or devlan mud (for leather). For pvc sometimes I'll paint some water effects on after to make it nice and shiny :D

She looks good though, all the boys will be fighting over her in no time!

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