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Overflow: doesn't work the same in all browsers and based on the box model theory of CSS (IE behaves differently that firefox behaves differently that webkit based browsers behave differently than Opera) changing the width of a nested CSS atttribute doesn't work to well either.

overflow will work correctly in most browsers, and in the ones it doesn't it will degrade to the original state.

Width is counted as a min-width in early versions of IE. so it would still push out the box, however it would fix the issue in 90% of the browsers.

IE. modern browsers it will fix the problem, early browsers it will look the same as it does at the moment. It's not perfect but it's a better state than it is currently. If you want the width to work in all browsers it is possible with IE conditional javascript in the CSS.

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The solution I gave would of worked on 99% of peoples browsers (going by the latest polls of browsers used today) and degraded no worse than the current state on the other 1% of browsers. But they didn't want to go with it.

A name limit would work, but it would stop a lot of fine names like Wierd Stitch. The main issue is people not putting a space in their name. It could be fixed by sending an email to the user who breaks the forum informing them that you are changing their username and then adding spaces to the name.

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