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Kirai Survery


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So I just started Malifaux. I have Lady J as my crew now (I like their straight play), but I really like Kirai's fluff but hesitant to buy the crew...so pros, cons, thoughts? Oh p.s. I haven't played miniatures since I sold my Eldar army over a year ago.

Well right off the bat I love her theme. Angry japanese girl with angry japanese spirits? Yes please.

I also know she busts up my Rasputina/kaeris crew pretty well (damn you immune to blast markers!). Her summoned spirit (Ikiryo?) is very nasty, and the fact that it keeps coming back (I'm right on that, right?) is pretty awesome. The fact that she's also a spirit factory (pumping out the little dragon dudes) is neat.

I've always liked the Resurrectionist play style, where you endeavor to have more models in play at the end of the game than the beginning..


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Ok: you like straight play, a tough master? Kirai is not that. At all. She strives to be as close to the action as possible while not being in it. She makes units by hurting herself. She has close to no attacks.

However, she can make badass spirits, saddle opponents' models and heal her spirit pets for free. She can teleport anywhere near one of her minions, infuriating attackers and popping into battles where her support quickly turns the tide. You played eldar? You like subtle? Kirai is your girl.

My recommendations if you do decide on her: get the box, get a pack of gaki and a pack or two of seishin (they're rare 5, and you might have up to five on rhe board if things go well. Gaki tend to get summoned whether you want them or not.) also pick out a few proxies for the Shikome and her totem.

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With Kirai things can go well if you have the trumps to trigger her spells or very poor if you do not. This even extends to her typical crew that she will hire. This makes managing the cards in your hand very important. This crew will cost a bit more then others and it is fairly easy to summon in new models.

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Kirai is what we would call the Squishy Wizard. She preforms amazingly well when she isn't attacked directly and if you summon Ikiryo correctly and can churn out spirits whilst keeping Kirai relatively healty you should be fine. Though you want to watch out for direct bashing crews like Lilith's. Keep in mind that if things get dicey, Kirai can haul ass across the map with "In the Spirit World." She can also do this to lend healing and support to her spirit friends.

Though, you do want to look out for Masters that have a lot of offensive spells since those cut through spirits' damage reduction. So Rasputina and Sonnia you want to be careful around. Along with Pandora.

Lord Compy Bits. (love that name.) Is especially dangerous to Kirai herself since he ignores Pitiful/Harmless. And he actually gets bonuses against models that have those abilities. So if you see Him or the Dreamer trying to get friendly and close. Run.

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