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Hi from West Suburbs of Chicago (Naperville)


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I am a new player. Just picked up rules, :perdita Box, ::lilith Box and a :nicodem Box a week ago.

Everything I have read so far sounds very cool. I am lame enough that I am almost bummed that I cannot try my first game this weekend because I am going to Napa Valley for a wine-weekend.

I hope that 40K terrain works well with this game since I have enough to practically put an addition on my house with...

Any other Chicago area players here?

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Welcome to Wyrd. There is a growing Malifaux Community here in the Chicagoland area.

We have Malifaux Mondays at Games Plus. Which starts around 5 PM and goes till 10ish.

Tuesdays Shadowpal runs some Malifaux open play at Black Sun Games.

We also have on off games and just general play happening other days. Your best bet is to join the Google group in my signature and let people know where and when you play.

Also if you are into competitive play we have Malifaux Tournaments scheduled for October 16th and December 11th.

And if you have any questions, or are looking for a game feel free to shoot me a PM.

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Welcome. As Dan said, we've got some stuff cooking. Black Sun Games is in Chicago. It's a smallish store. They don't cary the full line yet. but, if interest peaks, they are willing to stock it better. But, they will order anything you want from any line. They've got a few gaming tables and we're building their terrain up. They've already got a nice selection. But, I'd like for them to have some rivers and Malifaux terrain. So, I'm going to start holding terrain sessions after Halloween sometime.

I'm at the store every tuesday usually by 5pm. I always have my Malifaux stuff with me and usually a random board game in case no one shows for Malifaux. But, there is a forum set up for Malifaux if you need to schedule a different date and time. If you sign up on the forums. Make sure you send them an email to let them know you're not a bot. Otherwise, they will take a very long time to approve your application.

Dan's got things rocking at Games Plus on Mondays and has regular tourneys set up there too. So, there's plenty of opportunity to get some Malifaux in. Hope to meet you at the Tourney in December at Games Plus :).

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