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Hello from Eastern PA!


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Hey there, everyone. I'm a big 40k fan (who doesn't love SHPASH MAHREENS?!) who found Malifaux and was instantly hooked. I mean, come on - anything Victorian/Steampunk/Western/Gothic/Horror has to be irresistible.

Anyway, I'm here in the suburbs on Philly, heading off to college in a bit (where I hope to meet other players! It's a tech school, so I'm sure to meet some other of my ilk). Got my fate deck, rule book, soulstones - all I need now is that Ortetgas set to arrive!

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Rock on. It's been a pleasure to make your aquaintance so far; seems like most of the cool people come from Pennsy, or Colorado, or Oregon. With a few of us being native Californians. ;D

Though I'm in Iowa. Surprisingly large number of gamers around here, and a pretty hardcore minis crew. I'm rather more a CCG addict, but I've gotten caught up in Hordes and now Malifaux. Would have been into 40k long ago, except the Necrons I bought (a shitton, I tell you) got packed before I could finish and never got dug out again. :\ Oh well.

Look forward to more of your writing and hearing a bit about how your Ortega crew works out (seeing as I'm thinking of going Ortega when I have enough for a second box).

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