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Terrian question


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Although it pains me to say it..... Games Workshop sells some really nice terrain. I can highly recommend the Arcane Ruins set, if you split up all the pieces you can get a fair whack of terrain. I based mine on CD's and got about 4 elements from one pack (you could spread it to about 6 if you push it though.) Their hills are also great, although I'd recommend flocking them yourself as the plastic is a bit slippery. Their "Ruins of Osgiliath" set is also really nice, if a bit fiddly to build into larger ruins.

If you google "wargaming terrain" you'll find some more obscure sites, but there's plenty out there.

If you're feeling ambitious you could get some Hirst Arts moulds, there things are time consuming as you have to cast the pieces yourself but if you can be bothered the end effects are fantastic.

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You could also buy and print your own card/paper terrain. Companies like Hotz, Dave Graffam, Fat Dragon and Worldworks all sell decent bundle packs for low cost, and you can then print and assemble as much as you like.

It is cheap, doesn't need painting, can easily be replaced, and you can get younger siblings to help you on a dull afternoon. It'll fit in well with the Terraclips too.

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I love this question. I've helped several groups get off the ground with some quick and workable terrain.

The advice above is all very legit and pretty good. Here's what I'd suggest to any group starting with no terrain at all because it'll get you several tables fully set up in a single afternoon all for less than $10 and a half hour of work.

With a $10 bill (more if you want to buy extra supplies for more and different terrain) go to your local fabric/craft store like Michael's or Jo-Annes or Hobby Lobby. Find their fabric section and there will be a discount bin somewhere with excess bolts (rolls) of fabric. Get some felt in colors of green, brown/tan, and gray. You'll really be able to find square yards for $0.50-$2. Get ~2 square yards of each color.

Set aside a full square yard of each to represent the playing mat (3'X3') and you've got three "boards" right off the bat. With the other square yard, cut out shapes to represent two dimensional terrain. With the gray you've got obstructions of rock outcroppings, rubble, whatever. Green you've got small forests, shrub walls, etc. Find a sharpie and just mark right on them what they represent.

With that sharpie and a bit more patience you can even create small tokens or markers of corpse, scrap, objective, whatever. Just trace a 30mm base and cut it out.

Seriously - within an hour of leaving the fabric store you can be playing on a fully populated board.

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For trees go to the local arts and crafts store and buy a bag of pipe cleaners. You can get them in multiple colors, I buy black and give them a rough brown paint job for depth but you could just use brown as well. Take a group of pipe cleaners and twist them together and make the tree trunk and branches out of them. Then pick up some lichen from the local hobby shop, anywhere that has model trains should have it, and stick clumps on for leaves. stick it to a base and you can make a whole forest for only a few dollars.

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From the other end of the spectrum: Terrainthralls

You kind of have to be a terrain junkie for that kind of stuff though. Although there are a decent amount of basic tutorials on the site as well.

One of my favorites is to get some rock formations from an aquarium shop and paint them up to look like what ever rocks you want. It's a bit more expensive but with about $50 you can get some great looking terrain that will easily cover the 3x3' board that Malifaux wants.

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For buildings, bridges, fences, etc., you'd also be surprised what you can build with some craft sticks(aka popsicle sticks) and some glue. Walmart and craft stores sell boxes of 1000 for $3-$4. Foam core board can be used also and is pretty cheap as well. When I first got interested in Malifaux, the terrain making bug hit me and I watched a lot of online videos showing how to create all kinds of cool terrain. Here's some of my favorites.






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