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Lilith and Crew WIP


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Thank you! I just liberally applied some GW Devlan Mud to the recesses in the Mature Nephilim. Let's see what happens

Edit: Here's what happened. I can't say I'm 100% satisfied with it. I'm thinking about totally redoing the skin with 3 different shades (tones?) of the flesh color from really dark to unnaturally light


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If you want to get the fullest out of your pictures. Set up a white piece of paper behind the mini and put the light so it is coming from behind you flooding on the front of the mini to get real good picture quality. On my threads those pictures are taken with my phone camera as I don't own a really nice camera.

But from what I can tell they are looking really good. The umbilical cords from the tots might be kinda gross and cool at the same time.

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