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What-Co (TM) Pattened Killjoy Delivery System


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There've been a few threads asking about killjoy, and even a few suggestions, but I haven't seen this. So, since I've gotten it to work in great success (both on the table and as a psychological weapon against opponents), here it is:


Most of what I've seen with Killjoy revolves around taking cheap models to sacrifice, and even a few people have mentioned taking him with slow to die models (Death Marshals, Samurai Zombies..) with Killjoy as a merc, but how do you make him shine in a purely outcast army?

Johan has slow to die, which is the key component of this - when your opponent kills him, you get Killjoy right there. But how do you get them to kill him? Charge. First two turns, double move directly towards their lines (so he's far ahead of the rest of your forces and unsupported) and start charging things if possible. He's got fairly good damage, and as a 6SS model, isn't really one you can just ignore while he plays in your lines. So they kill him. Or, maybe not - you can always just sacrifice him on turn 4 the old fashioned way if your opponent isn't cooperating as his final action, after he's spent turns three and most of four either hitting things with his hammer or shooting weak stuff. Turn four Killjoy pops up, and, hey look, unless he's engaged he's going to get a free walk towards a (hopefully enemy) model to help cancel out that 'slow' from being summoned.

The best part of this is the effect it has on your opponent in future games. Once they know what Johan will turn into, he'll either draw a lot more fire than he's really worth, or get shied away from in an effort to avoid killing him once he gets close.

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I typo'ed in the title, whoops.

Desperate Mercenary doesn't have slow to die, which means if he's killed, you have to sacrifice an expensive model anyway.. and at four wounds, that's pretty easy to do. He's also ignorable - unless he's doing the 'For my Family' and 'Uncontrolled Fire' spree, he's not that worrying.

The point of using an expensive model, Johan, is that he can take a beating which means quite a few resources have to be devoted to him to drop him, which lets the rest of your force sneak up with that much less attention on them.

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i use the patented necro punk burn out combo as my delevery service, but i only play killjoy with levi. burnt out necro punks wiz across the board and at 3ss each you can bring a couple and really scare people.

also masters that summon expendable models(hamlin,mcmourning,sonia,sommer ect.) are a good delevery service, but your still starting 12-13ss short.

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