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JollyOrk's Pandora's Legion of Despair


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Funny story: Malifaux was the first game to bring me out of my multi-year long painting funk and get me excited about new models in a very long time. So excited that my first thought was, "I don't need to convert anything! It's all already awesome!" But then I settled on playing the Pandora Crew and the only model I wasn't happy with was... Pandora. So I decided to convert her. I love the Taelor model and I thought the blend of Pandora's Avatar form with Taelor's body worked well.

(click the pics for bigger pics)


Baby Kade is one my favorite models in the entire Malifaux line. After two years of leaving my brushes idle I have a bit of rust in the fingers, but Baby Kade is the one model in my crew that I'm thoroughly satisfied with. Candy is my favorite member of the crew based on rules, and the model is nice, but the oversized head and eyes don't thrill me. Still, painting the candy canes was fun.


Teddy... what can you say about a giant, fang-filled teddy bear that a picture doesn't already tell you? Another of the models that sucked me into the Wyrd world of Malifaux.


The Poltergeist is a nice model, and one I felt obligated to paint as part of the crew, though I much prefer using Primordial Magic. Trouble is, the figure for PM is ghastly - and not in a good way. So I often use ol' Poltey as PM. The Doppleganger, on the other hand, is a beautiful model and a lovely piece of any Neverborn crew.


I like the Sorrows models, and I love the way they work with Pandora. It took me a couple of games to get the hang of using everything together in a cohesive plan, but once I did I knew I would need more than three! So I added another three using the Apparitions models from the Twisted line.


And the Apparitions...


That's my crew, thanks for checking it out. I'm eager to add an Insidious Madness and Coppelius when the models arrive. Until then, I'll start work on my Zoraida crew. Dolls, lovely Dolls!



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