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Now, I haven't gotten my hands on Book 2 quite yet, but after seeing the art for our Henchman I immediately decided that I wanted to play him in my Zoraida crew. So this goes out to all you lucky dogs with Rising Powers, how well does he function, and what are the Marionettes and Wicked Dolls like? I'd love some discussion on whether or not his rules live up to his awesome concept art.

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Collidi is an interesting Henchmen because she/it isn't overtly powerful in her own right. She is a bit like the dreamer where it manipulates it's own crew to get the job done. So crew selection is the most important thing with her. But the marionettes are pretty much her life line (she can shuck his off onto them) and she can do some fun pull/push things with them. She can also buff dolls by giving them a ___ master +1 (she can do all 3 types) etc.

So all and all, very interesting buffs. Especially when the puppet army special force hits in the next book Im guessing. Then it can run a proper army of the puppets =D

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I'm convinced that Collodi is going to be a HUGE beast of a henchman. Of the top of my head I can think of all sorts of wonderful tricks to pull with him. For one, with his full compliment of marionettes, it is possible to move him 36 inches in a single turn. That's got to make him one of the slipperiest models in the game to pin down. Then after moving basically wherever he wants, your little horde of 'wicked dolls' can all teleport right to him with a (0) action, ready to pincoushin his ambush victim to death >.<

He also works amazingly alongside the 'stitched together', by providing a bubble of +2 WP to all dolls around him AND being able to give dolls (+1) casting expert so that they can fire off even more of their devastating WP-WP duels.

All the while, Zoraida can by jacking with your opponent's crew with an obey and a fresh new 'wicked doll' per turn to refill the ranks of your 'puppet blob'


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