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Assembling Rasputina army.


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Add the Wendigo, if for nothing more than to cast Ice Pillars and/or December's Touch.

The Steamborg can be added easily to rasputina's crew offering speed and nastiness, top him withe december's touch, and he's a Wk 5 Armor 3 Construct with Frozen Heart to allow her to cast her spells through.

Use December's Acolyte due to his From the Shadows Ability, letting him deploy almost anywhere on the board.

If using Hoarcats you should have at least 3 so that you don't lose there Voracious Ability when someone kills off one of your prides.

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lamwyrd is correct you can take both the Golem and the Cerberus since you only have 27 points accounted for here.

26 if you take Cerb

27 if you take Golem

I would definetly add the Essence of Power. It jives with Raspy so much better than the Wendigo and being able to link, companion them together means you have a never ending nuking waiting for something that gets into range. 3 December's Curses' without taking into account Overpower is mighty.

Or as was stated for the Wendigo strategy you could use the EoP to cast your utility spells like Pillars or White Out.

For me I wouldnt take both the Hoarcats and the Cerb. I would use one or the other. Maybe the Hoarcats over the Cerb actually. Ive found that my army makeup at this point value is usually outnumbered by most other armies by about 1-2 models. Its not too much of a difference but its something to take into account.

The Acolyte model is pretty nice but Im starting to feel like I may bench him. He is invaluable if you use schemes and strats. He can infiltrate to the other side of the board and most players just ignore him. So you can calmly walk into their starting area or use him for sabotage or something. If your in a slaughter situation I would take something that can hit a bit harder like Joss.

Love Joss, flurry with thos paired arc axes is nasty. Nuff said.

After having played against the convict gunslinger a few times Im starting to respect his abilities too. So if your looking for a ranged guy I think the Convict would actually serve you better than the Acolyte. My buddy that runs Zoraida with a Convict goes through about half the deck every activation on that cat.

So having said all that I may run this list this Thursday to see how it stands up.

Rasputina 4

Ice Gamin 4

Hoarcat Pride 5

Hoarcat Pride 5

Essence of Power 2

December Acolyte 6

Joss 9

Thats 31 points of models giving you a SS pool of 8 which is another valuable thing for Tina. Have a full pool and dont be afraid to burn them.

This will also be the first list I run that doesnt have the Golem in it. I love his abilities, he hits like a truck and can take a beating but he is so friggin slow. :(

I just noticed that you said 40 points. In that case your free and clear to throw the kitchen sink in there too. Take 3 Hoarcats and the Cerb or the Golem and something extra. 40 points helps Tina alot since her stuff is kinda pricey.

Bottom line though, throw the Essence in any crew you run. Its soo worth the 2 stones.

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I agree Essece of power is better the Wendingo.

might look into getting Myranda since she can turn into any beast you may need inclueding the hellcat pride. this is what i would run at 40ss


Essence of power

December Acolyte

Hellcat pride

Hellcat pride


Ice Gamin

Ice Gamin

Ice Gamin

i would most likely turn Myranda into a sabertooth but if another pride is needed well she can do that too.

just some food for thought


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Wow meant to stamp 3 on the gamin, but I will pick up the Essence of Power. Wendigo I will pick up in the near future, I already planned on getting a third hoarcat pride. I already have the Cerebus/ Golem interchange-able. The acolyte I agree is a situational unit, making it easy to complete many objectives. Though I was going to pick another cerebus and a couple razorspines when i needed to.

The more I play the less I will need help.

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