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Lilith's brood painting idea


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So, first off i didn't know where to post this, and second off, this is the first time I've actually been on the forums so...yeah. Okay so i had an idea and i wanted some feed back, i had just recently purchased Lilith's brood box and had a paint scheme regarding Lilith and the mature nephilim (which i am entering in a painting contest even though i am terrible). I have a paint scheme for Lilith "inspired" by Dante from the "Devil May Cry" series (most notably a dark red coat and silverish/white hair ). And as for the mature nephilim i am inspired by Eddie Riggs from "Brutal legend" well his demonic form at least, if anyone is actually familiar with that game. I just wanted to get some feed back on these ideas, thanks.

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I got the inspiration for my Lil brood from Black Lagoon. The greatcoat Lil was wearing reminded me a lot of Balalaika, and it was on. I tried to do the scarring in Lil... definitely worth a retry but it came out cool enough to do the mature Neph with the scarring. Now it's three tots and a pair of young nephs...

Point: If it sounds cool enough to do, do it.:lilith

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Thanks, that's a very cool and obscure source for inspiration. ive only seen a half a season of Black Lagoon, but i really liked it.
Check out episodes 13-16. Those kids would be perfect for Malifaux characters.
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