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Jack Daw


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My friend had the same idea and in general yes. I think they work well together, however the hanged are better for Pandora because they throw out more moral duels in general so I recommend taking both hanged and Jack. This said that's a lot of points so what I've found is that you can only afford to do it in large soulstone games where you can take nephlim or other assault units to beck them up or 2v2s.


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I recently tried out Pandora, Jack Daw, two of the Hanged, and a Primordial Magic in two, three man free for all games. It's a very fun list (drawing 8 cards every turn is extremely satisfying) but with the two Hanged making up a lot of your firepower, costing 18 points, and being extremely easy to kill, it not a very competitive one.

But I would still recommend people trying it out, as it's extremely fun to run Jack and the Hanged forwards and cast Severed Ties, and then watch as your enemies try in vain to get past the three Terrifying 13 models that have just appeared in the middle of their armies, and if Pandora is close by, for every one of those duels that they fail they're taking a point of damage.

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So you know how to play Jack? I didn't think it was entirely possible since we (or maybe it's just me) aren't sure on how to use him.

What do his stars mean? and he has no wounds. I've been thinking of adding him and the Hanged to Pandora for awhile as well.

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He's really quite simple to play. For the most part, run him forwards and then cast Severed Ties on as much of the enemy as possible, or the model that you want dead/disabled that turn, and then Pandora can walk up and easily get off Pity, allowing her to cheat in Crows for the rest of her casts and almost guarantee that things will be falling back. It's an extremely deadly combo, especially when you consider the fact that it's almost impossible to stop. Kill Jack? Almost impossible, especially when you take a primordial magic and a handful of stones. And killing Pandora is much easier said than done, especially with a sorrow in tow and the enemy under the influence of Severed Ties.

His stars for his wounds stat is in reference to his Undying rule. He has no wounds per say, but every time he suffers any wounds you must discard either a card or a soulstone to keep him alive, which is a really easy thing to do especially when he can only be harmed by spells, magic weapons, or focussed normal attacks.

I wouldn't suggest playing Jack and two of the Hanged in anything smaller than a good sized Brawl, but taking Jack by himself with Pandora is tons of fun.

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I just assumed that as they both at +1 to your hand size, they'd stack.

Yeah. It's a common rule that two abilities with the same name do not stack.

Jack Daw sounds really nasty with Pandora. It's not like she's already powerful enough. Bring some Hanged in the mix to hand out a few :-fate to Wp on some models for the rest of the game. Don't even need Project Emotions after that one :P.


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