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nicoderm odd list


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hi i came up with this list for nicoderm wile thinking about what to put in a levi list,


jack daw

convict gunslinger

bette noir






42 ss

ok the basic thought proses is that i need nicoderm so i can have jack daw, hans, convict and betti noir. the idea hear is all of the insta kill effects, if you use nocoderm to make them discard and then the convict to make them discard, then when you atack with hans, betti and jack daw they have to let at least one of the insta kills throu, this will be really potent in assasination and slaughter match ups, and in recointer becus of how unkillable betti and jack are they can hold flanks, and nicoderm with the suport of hans and convict can hold the center. the vulter and mortimer are just there increas you go up to 45ss

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I say give it a go.

Personaly i I cant see you makeing people discard enough cards to make them have to lose people. I can see them haveing to cut back on the amount flips they can cheat but trying to get players though 6 control cards a turn is going to be pushing it.

To get the Discard cards affects you are giving up loads of possible units that have synergy with the master.

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Problem being with Betty and jack daw you're not getting any corpses for the points, and hans and the convict wouldn't benefit at all from an undead buff.

Keep in mind Jack causes a lot of card discarding for you himself, so it wouldn't be too much of an advantage to have him, and your instant kill effects only work with a specific suit, which you need to have. Just a few thoughts.

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It certainly is an interesting list ( one that i think would be fun to play) however it really relies on luck. First of all you are counting on the fact that you will be winning your duels with nico and convict. You need to hold a ten for bette and you need to hold a mask for jack and then you need to hold other cards in case jack dies. If you lose any of the peices then the whole team kinda unferls itself. Nico could compensate but hes probably not summoning more than one a turn plus if hes doing that hes not attacking the enemy. Then the enemy gets to come up and do their thing too.

but like i said that is a list that i would like to play too :)

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