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Starting the Viktoria's boxset


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Hi all

I’ve just picked up a pack of the Viktoria’s box set and have started painting them up, so I thought I would show the first figure I’ve completed for comments.

Now I have to say that I haven’t been able to paint for 3 months due to an RSI in my right elbow so this figure was a bit of a milestone for me, but all in all it came out ok.

As I wanted to start with a simple(ish) figure I thought I’d do Johan first as painting female skin is always a pain and also I wanted to sort out my technique before tackling the 2 Viktoria’s (also I wanted to see if I could actually paint with a dodgy arm)

As for the colours I guess I took some inspiration from Hephaestus the Greek God of the Forge and have done the figure with dark skin and a muted palette, I’m not really happy with the hammer as the wooden handle just doesn’t work for me so I might repaint that in a metallic colour (anyone got a suggestion)

So here you go, hope you like it and please hit me with any comments or criticisms



Next up will be Bishop



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TBH, I like it all apart from the pink cloak... I have nothing against pink per se, but I think it is too close colour/tone-wise to the skin and kinda gets lost a bit; a richer red might have stood out more and framed the model better perhaps.

Otherwise though, the mini's very nicely painted!

yeah I think may be onto something there, I may darken the cloak a bit and make it a deeper red

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I agree about the pink cloak, I think that a darker red would be more effective. You might also want to drill out the barrel of his pistol, or at least put a dab of black paint at the tip.

As regards the handle of the hammer, since it's supposed to be a relic, how about a cracked stone effect?

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