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I just started building my 3x3 board. The awesomeness of the Bayou board that Senji built was all the catalyst I needed. I've decided to run with the whole gunslinger theme, as I'm playing Perdita, and am building a frontier mining town. I've got the wood cut and the board itself is getting a similar treatment that Perditas base got. I'm starting with a chocolate brown, and will build up to a sandy color. I even purchased my first piece of terrain. I'll post up some pictures as I progress.

One question though. Do you think that there would be a small pond near one of these towns? I want to incorperate some water into the board but didnt know which way to go with it. I was thinking maybe stream, but didnt know. Also how about some train tracks for the mineral to be shipped?

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from a historical standpoint towns are usually built near a water source, or has a way to get water, so having a pond would not be unheard of. Now given that we are talking a Mining town, the water itself wouldn't be in the most spectacular of shape (Malifaux doesn't have an EPA), so it should probably be a little muddy.

And if you go with a stream, you can have the nasty water upstream from the mine, while the town is downstream, and possbily even uses the stream to run a little waterwheel

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We played on the board itself Sunday. I'm very happy with the base colors. I've decided on where the mine will be situated on the board but am unsure of the water source location as of yet. I may do a stream that I can move around. My son and I will be doing some work on the ground tomorrow, it'll be a fun project to do with him.

I'll post up some pictures when we get more to show.


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Well I have to be honest here... my board is ruined.... I made it out of 1/4 plywood because I thought it would be sturdier, it warped BAD! I have to start over again.I'm going to get some hardy board tomorrow.:sad2:
Generally, I'd suggest that 8mm or 6/18" is the minimum for a board thickness if your gaming board (or its sections) are no more that 4'x4'. I use MDF by preference, but Ply should be similar.

If you've already done work on your board though, a quick fix might be making a square frame with an 'X' brace underneath in 2"x2" timber and then screwing the board down onto that - just fill in where the screw holes are and dab a bit more surfacing over them afterwards to hide the fix.

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I use 1 1/2 inch insulation board. Sold at DIY's like Home Depot, Lowes and Menard's. Costs around $14.00 for a 4'X8' sheet. Regular strofoam board is available as well for around $9.00 a board, again 4'X8'.

Thinner sheets are available as well as thicker. If you have a friend in construction you can sometimes get pieces you can use to build up the ground work.

The boards cut easily with a electric carving knife, I got one at a yard sale, or the electric cutter/searing wire you can buy.

The foam board can still curl a bit but it doesn't really effect play, the ends just do not sit flush to the table top. Liquid nails and a piece of 1/4ply make it modular.

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