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First Leveticus game

Chev Chelios

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Summon a second hollow waif as soon as you can.

You can do this by either shooting the canine or letting Levi die, then summoning one out of the resultant corpse counter (the canine needs to be alive Levi to leave a corpse though, since it's the only grave robber after Levi).

Make sure Levi dies every turn.

That way you get the maximum use out of his abilities. Ideally you want him at full wounds at the start of his activation anyway, since his available wounds is directly related to the potential damage he can deal out that turn.

And if he's not going to die at the end of turn, get one of your minions to shoot/charge him. ;)

While my actual experience playing with/against Levi is still limited (2 games), I'm not a fan of taking Steampunk Abominations in the starting list. Insignificant is a problem for some strategies/schemes and unless you can be sure of getting a desolation engine out of them, I don't think their stats are really up to par for a 3SS model.

Still, maybe I'm missing something. :rolleyes:

Just for the sake of it, here's the last list I took with Levi;


Rusty Alyce 8

Bete Noir 9

Necropunk 3

Necropunk 3

Canine Remains 2

Soulstones are useful on occasion, but really aren't needed for Leveticus, thanks to his huge control hand and no need for damage prevention/healing flips.

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Am i wrong in thinking that this is a huge problem for Levi? Since for him to work properly he needs to die and come back every turn. The only way you do it is to make corpse counters while he is alive and make a waif then.Then someone else would have to kill stuff so he would have the AP to do it.But,if he dies and there are corpse counters,do they disappear when he dies,because there is no graverobber present? Oooh this is making my head hurt.

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Well you get the first hollow waif for free before the first activation. The second Waif isn't needed, but it does make it harder for your opponent to kill Levi outright.

It's not that hard to get the second waif - you just need to make sure either Levi or a Canine remains is alive when you kill a model (friendly or enemy) and put the corpse counter down.

I'm pretty sure corpse counters don't disappear once there's no Graverobber present.

Definitely have a very good read of both Levi and the hollow waifs. The closing phase is rather complicated for him.

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Yeah, keep in mind if the person you are playing against will most like have graverobbers, then you can build your list accordingly.

I tend to run Killjoy in my Levi lists, with the Necropunks running around snagging board objectives, and if the other player kills them, then they can slow to die into Killjoy fun.

I do second the idea of not taking so many SPAs at start, and just making them throughout the game, you need to take more models that can hold and capture objectives, as again, this is what wins the game. You can easily have both Levi and Alyce just use the first turns to scavenge for scrap counters and use those for SPAs on your second turn.

Levi is a ton of fun to play, and I'm sure once they finally revise all of his rules on the new cards he'll be a lot more fun and easier to understand.

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It all depends on what you want your levy list to do. I run a very vanilla Levy list. Levy, Alyce, and SPA's make up the entire thing and then I use the Desolation bomb tactics with Levy and Alyce supporting.

Remember one thing, Levy WILL kill anything you focus him on. If you can push the resists to high (ie use ss) then they are hosed. Your most potent spell is the half wds +1 spell. Use that liberally and get them down in the 1 - 2 wd range so you can just outright kill them with no chance of a resist. Or use your other spells to get SPA's and Waifs etc from them.

But the key thing to remember is, your waifs come back. Just keep them safe. Hide them in a building nearby, out of LOS etc, just keep them safe. Its really not that hard to do. Don't even bother thinging about using their abilities, it only gets them killed.

I prefer this list:

Levy (0)

Alyce (9)

5 SPA's (15pnts)

Then that gives you 6s in a 30ss game. Drop a SPA for a 25ss game and you have 4ss. A little less SS then I would like, but it works very well as long as your strat doesn't require you to have several non-insig models your golden. Especially in multiplayer games, your in a good situation. Ive gotten 2 almost 3 desolation engines up during multiplayer games before.

Just remember to be careful when you need to be and DONT try to kill Levy every turn if killing him would be a bad thing for you. There are some times that killing him is not a good idea (ie you ahve a good hand, or Levy has the Treasure etc). Just dont focus to much on Levy dieing each turn. He does it rather well to himself without a ton of effort.

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Also keep in mind with waifs: When you kill them, they do come back.

So it goes like this.

Levi dies,

Levi comes back to within 6" of a waif.

Waifs get sacrificed

Waifs COME BACK to within 6" of levi.

That way you don't have to be overly concerned with getting a new one every turn. I thought it worked that way at first and was way screwed every time.

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