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My first few figs


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So I am a firm believer that paint is for minis that will be on the table past turn one. I also believe that there are no guarantees in gaming so most of my figs hit the table sans paint (I also hate the chore of painting as I am really not that good at it). I managed to force myself to paint a few figs so thought I'd post them. I still need to finish the bases but I guess these will do for now.




and again.


Candy and Kade




More Sorrows

Sorry for some of the poor pic quality. Comments always welcome.

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I don't know why you think you're no good at painting. I think your minis look good - they're much better than most of my friends who just slap on a basecoat and call it good (ugh, drives me nuts).

Stop trying to compare your painting skills and minis to the ones painted by the pros. That'll make you feel better (at least, it does for me).

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