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It has to go somewhere...


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So I'm messing around with some green stuff, trying to make a 3d "badge" of the Resserectionist logo (the skull over the raven thingy) and its driving me nuts.

The biggest problem I'm having is that when you move the putty from where you want it, it has to go somewhere and thats usually somewhere you don't want it to be. I know this is what's giving me trouble, and yet I keep doing it over and over.

I don't have any questions or anything. Just felt the need to vent. Maybe I'll try doing it in stages instead of just jabbing at the green blob hoping it works out.


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As greenstuff gav said. Work in layers or work in parts letting each part cure before moving on to the next part.

To speed up the process and to get the putty to cure quicker use heat - I use a very rudementary oven made from a large coffee tin and a heat lamp. Putting the putty in strong warm sunlight works too.

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I can't get the layering to work for what I have in mind. It ends up being too bulking and dimensional.

So far I have this:


And I'm mostly happy with it, except the eye sockets are a little rough, and this part here:


I'm not sure I can fix the cheekbones but building up the eyes should be easy enough.

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