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Master's Touch Entries (pic heavy)


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Single Miniature.

This category had the most entrants, and the most other models I pulled out of other categories as single entries.

In the end I couldn't go past Ian's Ronin. The freehand is great and though it doesn't scream 'malifaux' at me the choice of colour really suits the model.


Ben's Marcus is great, the source lighting has worked very effectively.


Ben's Razorspine Rattler, I could almost have been convinced this thing was carved rather than painted.


Ian's cherub is interesting, the glowing rune is very nice.


Matt's Misaki has a nice 90s comic book look.


Matt's Nurse is a nice take on the model, a bit more serious than the whacky studio paint job.


Rick's Johan is a really nice attempt at this model, which is one of the more blocky Malifaux figures.


I really like the face on Rick's Taelor, the eyes in particular.


Viv's Taelor is a very consistent job, the gloves are an interest adaption.


The coat on Viv's Bounty Hunter Viktoria is very nice.


Woodsy's Death Marshalls are a great pair. Theres some excellent pallid flesh in the faces.



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Best Crew

Ben's Marcus crew are an excellent whole. Great shading and colour choice. Marcus is great and the overall basing is very consistent.


Ian's Viktoria's Crew is a great effort, there are a number of really strong models in this crew including the ronin in white and Swordmistress Viktoria.


Matt's Lady J crew were a strong contender. I really like the dark Lady J.


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