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ello ello.


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Another one of the lot from Canterbury, figured I better introduce myself.

long time player of 40K (mainly nurgle themed armies thus the avatar), dabble in necromunda, WHFB, inquisitor and a few others.

got into this game after seeing some friends play at the local club and the quality of the models was very impressive. Have been enjoying the game so far. It will certainly take me some time to adjust and make my outcast crew work how i would like them to, but i always enjoy a good challenge.


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Hi and welcome! Glad to hear you're enjoying Malifaux. I think one of the things that people really do enjoy is that there is a learning curve to crews, and even with 5-7 models, there is a challenge to play it right. That's the type of thing that I, for one, really enjoy!

Great to have an every growing Canterbury contingent in the forums, enjoy your stay!!

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