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Bases look like they might be a nice option


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These are called "trench bases" to me they have a very oldwest feel to them. Thinking of using them for my Guild's bases. Elsewhere on the site the "lost empires" I'm thinking of using for my outcasts.

Any opinions or other suggestions on these?


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Actually from experience I can tell you that those parched earth bases are awesome. I've done my whole Protectorate of Menoth army on them and they look great. ($100+ later though)

This I did after trying the green stuff and sharp knife idea you are having. Maybe I'm not the best with it but it just didn't look as pro as the dragonforge cracked earth does. They are not cheap though, but you get what you pay for. With Malifaux the low # of minis makes the price not too bad either.

Thanks for the input on the trench bases. I'll definitely be getting them for my guild.

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I had been trying to think how well the current base options from Wyrd match the different factions. Victorian = Guild, Graveyard = Resurrectionists and Bayou = Outcasts is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm not sure how well sewers match either Arcanists or the Neverborn.

It also makes me wonder what a fifth set will be themed after. :)

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